Many people fight against the extra pounds, especially on the stomach. But losing weight specifically from one part of the body is extremely difficult. So, how can you lose fat from the stomach to get a perfect waistline? These tips will help you.

The fat is particularly stubborn on the stomach. But it is not always fat that opposes a flat stomach. Certain foods can also bloat the stomach constantly, making us appear thicker. These tips will help you to eat a healthy diet and thus maybe lose a few pounds on your stomach.

Fat on the belly

According to the Nutritionists and researchers, belly fat has a special composition. This fat collects in the internal organs and is metabolically active. The fat cells on the stomach produce much more messenger substances and hormones than fat cells in other parts of the body. This also includes substances that can promote inflammation or damage the blood vessel walls. Therefore, people with more belly fat have a higher risk of heart disease.

Lose weight specifically on the stomach

Techniques to lose Weight
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However, it will be difficult if you only want to lose weight on your stomach and not the overall body weight. You cannot lose weight in a targeted manner only on certain parts of the body. This is due to various reasons like different body types. If you are a pear type, you gain weight around the hips and legs, while the apple type struggles with belly fat.

It is partly genetically determined where the fat is deposited and you cannot control it from outside. Rather, it is about changing one’s diet as a whole and generally losing or maintaining weight and not gaining weight again.

Reduce fat through diet

Diet alone is not decisive for a slim figure but an important building block. A healthy, energy-reduced diet is the basis for successfully combating belly fat. But that doesn’t mean you have to starve to have a flat stomach. If you want to lose three to four kilos, basic dietary rules are usually sufficient. These include:

1. Avoid large portions and pay attention to the energy density

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of sweets or alcohol.

3. Replace white flour products with whole-grain products.

Whole grain products contain more fiber and have more volume that ensures that you have a higher satiety effect and do something good for your digestion. It looks similar to vegetables. You still have to take into account the natural sugar content of the fruit, but all in all, these are low-calorie foods that provide a lot of vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances.

How to lose weight
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Eat your fill of poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain products and limit the consumption of foods with a high energy density, to be specific, anything that has more than 225 kcal / 100 grams. These are fatty sausages and meats, mayonnaise, sauces, ready meals, pastries, and white bread. If you get hungry in between, you can easily fight it with a few little tricks.

Always eat slowly because it takes a while, somewhere around 15 minutes for the saturation signals to reach the brain. The faster you eat, the more you will eat beyond hunger.

Losing weight on the stomach: Exercise

So if you reduce weight overall and pay attention to your diet, you may be able to tone and define your belly, which is now somewhat flatter, through targeted exercises.

From a physiological point of view, it is not possible to lose weight only from certain parts of the body. After all, fat metabolism works in such a way that energy is converted to reduce fat. The body draws this energy from its own nutrients. These are mainly carbohydrates and fats, which, however, are drawn from the blood.

How to lose weight on stomach
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That’s why you can’t just get the fat out of your stomach. However, what happens when a combination of strength and endurance training is used or certain muscles are used to an extreme, has not yet been adequately researched. There are various exercises to train the stomach even as a beginner.

For example, you could do a combination of training the abdominal and back muscles. The so-called crunches or exercises on the abdominal machine in the gym are particularly suitable for beginners. Advanced exercises would be sit-ups or leg raises on a slope. Planks, i.e. elbow support or elbow side support as classic stabilization exercises and are ideal for back training because it trains the entire trunk.

Avoid air in the stomach

Many people feel fat without too much belly fat. In this case, you might be simply bloated. You can certainly avoid severe gas and bloating easily. Raw vegetables are healthy and low in calories, but they are also hard to digest and cause bloating. Sensitive people should, therefore, integrate it into lunch and prefer cooked or steamed vegetables early in the evening. The addition of herbs and spices such as fennel, improve tolerance. Carbonated drinks and frothy dairy products like whipped cream and soft ice cream contain lots of air. This inflates the stomach and makes the stomach look bigger.

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There is a whole range of flatulent foods. Especially foods that contain certain carbohydrates such as fructose, lactose, or oligosaccharides. In addition to fruit juices, dried fruits, fruit yogurts or ice creams, vegetables with oligosaccharides such as onions, leeks, white cabbage, beans, or lentils in large quantities can have a flatulence effect. But of course, you have to eat these vegetables to have a healthy diet. Anyone who frequently suffers from a bloated stomach should clarify whether they may be suffering from food intolerance. Lactose intolerance is typically manifested by bloating and abdominal pain.

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