Messi Trolls Ronaldo The Film Trailer: Watch Hilarious Spoof Video

The Football Republic made a hilarious spoof video of Lionel Messi trolling Cristiano Ronaldo The Film. They have merged the reactions of Messi in the trailer and used subtitles to make it realer and funny.

No don’t get too excited it’s not happening for real but the world loves to imagine the fire between these two football rivals.

After Watching this video, you will suspect probably this is what Messi actually thinks about the trailer.

(Video Source: The Football Republic)

Well, we are not complaining but you can’t resist laughing on this. It’s a superb effort from the Football Republic.

Whether you are a fan of Ronaldo or Messi this video will leave you Smiling.

4 Oct 2015
Avni S.Singh

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