10 Toilet Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


One place that a human almost consistently visits, at least once a day, even more than 10 on some really bad days. But seldom do we really get to talk about it with others or even talk about it in general.

Who knows when and where and who made the first modern toilet in the world? Why do different people around the globe have such different versions of toilets in their places? And, so many others like this one.

Plus, there are a whole lot of different habits associated with the one’s toilet schedule. These things, along with many others are what makes the entire concept of toilets so interesting to know more about.

So, we thought of getting together a bunch of interesting and funny and amazing toilet facts that we can almost bet you didn’t know before this. These won’t only baffle you about all the things associated with toilets around the world in general, but would also intrigue you to know more and dig deep into this otherwise hushed-down topic.

1. Who knew toilets had such an impact on the overall life expectancy of ours?

2. Something that various organisations and governments are constantly working towards.

3. World taking a new step in the direction no one expected.

4. So, theoretically speaking, no one is spending but rather saving by building toilets.

5. No kid should die of something like this. Something that is totally preventable.

6. Another disease that a lack of sanitation brings in with it.

7. We finally have the name.

8. We are officially going to spend 3 years of our life in toilets.

9. Just think about the number of trees the world had to cut down in order to make all these sheets.

10. Come together, be together. Celebrate World Toilet Day.

So, which one of these 10 is your favourite toilet facts?

Jyotsna Amla

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