“Nazar Battu”: Dalveer & Satbeer Are Having A Reunion With Their Childhood Friend Which Is Really Funny

Nazar Battu‘ guys, Dalveer and Satbeer are back, but this time, they are not reacting to a controversy or giving an interview regarding a trending topic on the Internet. This video is about a cute conversation between Dalveer and Satbeer, and Pardesi Girl, who is their childhood friend.

The video starts with both the guys in a dilemma of whether they should take to their friend or not, while Satbeer is very eager in talking to her, the same can’t be said about Dalveer. But both of them went ahead with their gut and finally skyped her.

The conversation between them 3 is really funny, like the part where they mistook ‘Pardesi’ Girl’s ‘dandiya’ partner with some stalker or the one where they gave her a cheque from Baba Bank Of Commerce, Arts and Science, or the one where they did a planned robbery of a tiffin box. We also got to know about some information about what Dalveer and Satbeer study, and regarding their English language knowledge (which was really funny).

The video also had Carry Minati, even though his appearance was not for a really long time, but then something is better than nothing.

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20 October 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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