Anxiety And Depression can be reduced by exercising! Your mental health is relevant to your physical health. You may not know this fact but there is a strong connection between your body and your mind.

Probably that’s why people who suffer from depression or have anxiety issues are often advised to opt for more physical activities.

Symptoms Of Depression

It’s not easy to manage depression or anxiety, however, you need to start to take care of yourself to curb the stressing after effects of these problems.

The most important thing to remember here is – Your mind is your body and your body is your mind. When you start keeping your body healthy, your mental health improves simultaneously.

Battling depression and anxiety is a long process and you need to start with small steps such as start exercising. Keeping your body fit will help the whole system, it will also improve your routine and mood.

When you plan to start combating these problems you need to have the right guidance, hence we have the best exercises listed out for you that will help you fight anxiety and depression.

1. Running

 Best Exercises To Combat Anxiety And Depression
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Running is the best exercise as it torches calories, reduces food calories and lowers the risk of heart disease but what you don’t know is, that it does changes in neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, responsible for our feel-good mood. The effect lasts longer and even 5 minutes of running can do wonders.

It gives your mind a meditative effect and calms your brain down.

2. Hiking

 Best Exercises To Combat Anxiety And Depression
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What could be better than hiking amidst nature? The woods have a calming effect on the mind and being around plants and trees actually helps in reducing anxiety and depression owing to the fact that being close to nature slows down our mind.

The best would be if you can go for a forest bath every once in a while. That will lower the stress hormone levels and make you feel soothing.

3. Yoga

Exercises To Combat Depression
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According to a study, Yoga is said to be the best alternative medicine for depression, anger, anxiety, and neurotic symptoms.It not only helps you strengthen your core, the focused breathing in Yoga actually helps you calm your thoughts and lets you focus on the positive things.

It makes you fit from the body as well as takes care of mental health.

Needless to say, these exercises are only an option if you want to win this battle on your own. If these problems have overpowered you, better consult a doctor so that you can get proper medication and get rid of them as soon as possible.

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