BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

2016 will be the year devoted to the EPIC HEROES, recently the trailer of Civil War: Captain America against Iron Man, created the suspense among Marvel’s fans and this time DC came up with another Masterpiece to counter attack the MARVEL, Dawn of Justice is also set to release in 2016.

The adrenaline rush is getting higher and higher in movie buffs, the year 2016 will bestow the best of their superstars and favorite actors through the movie.
The recent trailer of BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice spilled the beans that WONDERWOMAN will mark her presence in the movie too.

What else a movie lover can ask for, Batman, Superman, Wonder woman the epic trinity will bring the cherished moments of childhood and few confirms that this is going to be a DOOMSDAY!! Indeed, the trailer hints that as it is the beginning of justice, Lex Luther the crazy mastermind villain may create rifts between the two i.e. BATMAN AND SUPERMAN, however, when the time will come they will stand together for justice.

Watch BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice Trailer:

The last look at 2.36 says it all, the ending she with you superman looks at batman and batman looks back I thought she was with you. That TRINITY is going to have KILLER effect on fans too.

We know it is hard to wait for BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice, but as we have an old saying patience bring fruitful award so, let us have the patience to watch the trinity and Doomsday!!!

3 Dec 2015

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