Do you even remember the exact result of the last Australian Grand Prix? It did not happen in 2020. It is not going to happen- where it stands this year- in Australia. So, obviously 2021 is ruled out. Fact is, the maiden F1 race of 2021 is not going to become the Australian Grand Prix.

As a matter of fact, current updates suggest that the maiden F1 race of 2021 season might actually be Bahrain.

Not that Sir Lewis Hamilton or mercurial Max Verstappen would mind. After all, it was here at Sakhir, home to the electrifying and tense night race that the 2020 World Championship witnessed tensity and thrill of a different kind.

On the one hand, Romain Grosjean’s opening lap smash (the first of the two races held at Bahrain) paved way for the critics (and self-confessed fans) to understand just how ridiculous was the idea to mock an experienced (certainly not the greatest) driver all these years.

On the other hand, Sakhir, which might well be the venue of the maiden F1 race of 2021 season (also) showed the prowess of George Russell.

Who can ever forget Perez’ maiden race-win, also a contest where, had luck been on the then Mercedes stand-in Russell’s side, we would’ve seen a different outcome on the podium than what actually was?

Shocked? Surprised? Need adjectives?

That’s racing. And that’s something, which one shall look forward to, at the end of the day where it comes to the maiden F1 race of 2021.

Back in the day, Australia, which used to be- and was still planned to be the host for the season-opener- unfurled a fine triumph of Mercedes.

Though let’s not forget- in winning the 2019 Australian Grand Prix, it was Valtteri Bottas not Lewis Hamilton who held aloft Mercedes’ bustling reputation as the great attackers.

After all, it was here at Australia where Ferrari made winning a habit. Wondering how? Who was the winner of the 2018 Australian Grand Prix? Also, who won the 2017 Australian Grand Prix?

While a great German driver, who’ll be keen to ace his 2021 challenge at Aston Martin won the races at Melbourne, the Australian Grand Prix hasn’t been all that sweet to the lord of the grid: Lewis Hamilton!

That being said, it’s highly interesting that given the rising spate of fresh COVID-19 cases, what might become of the maiden F1 race of 2021. How exciting or dull can Sakhir-bound Bahrain GP, originally planned to be the second race of this new upcoming season?

And not just that- when might FORMULA 1 return to Australia, one wonders! When will we get to see the thrill of witnessing the fastest form of single-seater of motor-racing return to the land of Aussie Rules!

maiden F1 race of 2021
©Charniaux / XPB Images

This, remember is a sport that does, after all, require both balls instead of other sporting activities where ‘constant sighs of pain and injury’ are considered ‘life-threatening!

That being said, here’s the latest update from revered motorsport publication that states the following in connection to the maiden F1 race of 2021:

Rumours have been floating around that the season-opening Australian Grand Prix would be delayed due to the increasing number of COVID cases, while the new strain found in the UK has further made Australia reluctant to open up to visitors.

The calendar revealed by Racingnews365 indeed shows the Australian Grand Prix delayed until November 21, where it would take place two weeks after the Sao Paulo Grand Prix and two weeks prior to the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

It was already confirmed that the Vietnam Grand Prix would not take place again in 2021, and interestingly it seems the Chinese Grand Prix will also be axed for another season.

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Talks are ongoing for the event to take place in 2021, but the report states that “it is very unlikely that a new date will be found.”

All that one can say is that may Australia, and the rest of the planet get rid of the fatal virus that has gnawed a million hearts and continues to do.

What the sport needs is normality not altered calendars.

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