According to Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer, Sebastian Vettel, currently driving his final season with Ferrari, is slated to bring ‘1000 little things’ to the yet-to-be rebranded team Aston Martin for the 2021 season.

These are valuable insights and all that knowledge and experience that shall help the team to step up and make itself heard in the brand new approaching season.

The next season, it is believed, will be a mighty one not only for a string of drivers who find themselves retained in the sport but also from the perspective of new rules that hold the weight to impact the current context of the sport.

As the FIA are trying all they can in their might to introduce new rules to make the sport more competitive than it is, there is a profound sense of anticipation to sense how might the 2021 Formula 1 season pan out.

While many drivers are yet to find new contracts for the next 12 months and the period thereafter, such as Lewis Hamilton, Alex Albon, Kimi Raikkonen, both Haas drivers- Magnussen and Grosjean- one certainly knows the imminent future of Sebastian Vettel.

And it’s rather funny how quickly do fortunes change at the often topsy-turvy world of F1 since it was only back in July where the worst was being felt for Sebastian Vettel; fears being rife that he might have reached the end of his career, albeit there being some distant murmour about a possible seat at Racing Point.

And then, soon thereafter, it was revealed that Vettel was Aston Martin-bound, all set to team up with Lance Stroll (currently with the same team albeit with the old and existing name Racing Point) for the next season.

And there we had the end to all rumours and conjecturing. In fact, it wasn’t all that hard to avoid that big sense of relief on Sebastian Vettel’s face as at Mugello, even as the German ended with a lowly P10, there was at least something to cheer about, his future finally secured at the highest annals of racing.

It wasn’t that bad a day too for both Ferrari drivers as both Leclerc and Vettel finished inside points, the young Monegasque finishing ahead of the German once again.

But where it comes to Aston Martin, soon to hit the tracks come 2021, it’s not difficult to rule out a sense of unbridled optimism, especially where the team principal Szafnauer is concerned.

Truth be told, it seems Vettel’s new team boss can’t wait to have Sebastian Vettel drive the car in 2021. Here’s what he had to say in regards to the four-time world champion, among the modern icons of the sport:

“He will raise the team to a different level and I’m sure it will be 1000 little things that he will help us improve that can then take us to a new level.

I think he’ll bring with him a World Champion work ethic and that’s what we all want to learn from.

“Everyone’s going to have to raise their game and he will be a great mentor for Lance too. He’s still relatively young and very fast, and it’s great for Lance to learn from a four-time world champion.”

While there were talks that Vettel took a considerable hit to his pay for that hyped Aston Martin drive, a career-saving move, in reality, the Heppenheim-born won’t mind it all that much, one feels. What would matter most to him would be that his future in Formula 1 has been safeguarded.

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