World’s Fastest Bowler Dale Steyn Competing With A 1 ½ Year Old

As confusing as it sounds, it is actually interesting than anything you have watched doing Dale Steyn till now. Steyn is the fastest bowler on the field but off- field a 1 ½-year-old is defeating him.

It was a test done by New Balance South Africa where they asked Steyn to spend a full day with a baby and see if he could keep up with his activities for a full day. This ultimate fitness dual started at 6:01 am and Dale gave up at 7:12 pm.

Watch The Full Video Here:

The entire video will keep your smile on your face. Popular for his jovial character and a good sense of humour you will see Dane mimicking and acting like a baby. It’s adorable how he follow every bit of his actions. He is running after him, eating like him, talking like him, and playing like him. But the 32-year-old South African cricketer could not cope up with the zany energy of the kid.

This Amazing Video proves everyone is a born athlete and we have to keep pushing to be a great one.

8 Oct 2015
Avni S. Singh








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