The tie has been a classic accessory since around the 17th century. Today you see them mainly on business or formal occasions. However, not everything is known about the garment and that is why we bring you these Quirky tie facts you should know.

Quirky Tie facts

Ties were originally worn by Chinese soldiers as a protection against the cold. In France, the tie reappeared during the reign of King Ludwig the Just. Today it adorns almost every man throughout his life. Symbolic pictures of businessmen always show necktie and they also belong to the ceremonial uniforms of pilots, police officers and firefighters. But women are now reaching for a tie. But there is more to know about the tie.

Tie Fact 1. Tie means Croatian – Tie Facts

Tie facts- Croatian soldiers

The word tie comes from French and means either Croatian or Croatian style. The tie knot, as it is known today, was worn by the Croatians with scarves. King Ludwig of France recruited Croatian soldiers. People in France apparently liked the scarf tied around their necks. Around 1650 the tie was officially worn at the French court.

Tie Fact 2. Redesigned Modern Tie

Tie facts- Jesse Langsdorf

The modern tie, as worn until today, was invented in 1926 by the New York designer Jesse Langsdorf. He had the idea of cutting the tie diagonally across the fabric and putting it together in three separate parts.

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Tie Fact 3. Too Tight Tie Can Hamper Blood Supply – Tie Facts

Tie facts- Tight tie
NY Post

If a tie is too tight around the wearer’s neck, it can be dangerous for people wearing it. The garment then cuts off the air supply to the brain. The first signs of this are dizziness, fainting and difficulty breathing. The tie should be tied loose enough for one to breathe easily.

Tie Fact 4. Storing a Tie

Tie facts- Tie storage

Some find that a tie rolled up in a drawer is the best way to keep it so that it is always in the best shape and ready to be worn. Others, on the other hand, hang the long ties over a hanger in the closet. There are also special holders in cupboards that are explicitly intended for hanging ties.

Tie Fact 5. Women’s Carnival

Tie facts- cutting tie in germany
German culture

An old German carnival custom, Weiberfastnacht, marks women leaving work to attend the street carnival. It is celebrated by women cutting off the tie worn by men, work colleagues, bosses, and all those wearing ties. Anyone who loves his tie shouldn’t wear any on this day. After all, Carnival is about freedom of the fool.

Tie Fact 6. Tie knots

Tie facts- Windsor Knot

Many students who had to wear a tie for the first time at the graduation ceremony failed to tie a tie. There are four standard knots that are generally known among tie wearers: the simple knot, the Windsor knot, the half Windsor knot, and the self-releasing variant.

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Depending on the region, other styles and artistic ways of tying a tie are known. But if you are only a casual lover, you only have to know one version. Because one thing counts for the knot that it should hold and look good. Hope you liked these tie facts, if you have any fact, please share in comments.

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