The times of huge king-size sofas are over. Nowadays, smaller furniture is conquering the living room. Let’s find out the story behind the new best alternatives to the sofa and why we are living as they used to in the 18th century.

Daybed | Best Sofa Alternatives

They are called a daybed, chaise longue, couchette, settee, or Divan. They look like stylish and very comfortable garden loungers or mostly like the little predecessors of the sofa, on which noble ladies once passed the day. In addition to the armchair, a whole range of such sofa alternatives is currently emerging on the market. Their characteristic is that usually, only one person fits on it, and usually, they can stretch their legs or even lie down. The interesting thing is that these sofa alternatives meet three needs and fit in with developments of the living space in recent years.

Instead of giving you options on what to buy, we have chosen to give you the backdrop of various sofa alternatives along with why should you go with these revived sofa alternatives.

1. Smaller Furniture is in Demand

The rural exodus continues, more and more people are moving to the cities. The high rents are also pushing city folks into smaller apartments. Small furniture is needed for small apartments. Besides, there are more and more single households and there is not much space for a sofa. But the good thing is that the smaller variants are just as cozy.

The small furniture is an opportunity to quickly change the look of the room again, even in large houses and apartments. In the open floor plans of many new buildings, you can be more flexible when it comes to design. Small furniture can be lifted quickly and easily moved, giving the room a new look again and again. Five to seven square meters of dedicated sofa area doesn’t always fit in here, especially since many people today no longer want to be tied to either large furniture or a consistent look in the living room for ten years.

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2. Old Designs Are Popular

There is generally a return of the old designs in furniture production and designers are gladly bringing them back to life now. The old sofa predecessors are now also reappearing. Like the 18th-century chaise longue, known in English as the long chair. We also know it as a Roman sofa and its predecessor is antique. Caesar may have sat or laid on such a piece of furniture eating grapes.

Roman Sofa | Best Alternatives to Sofa
©Public Domain

It is basically a chair or armchair with legroom. These pieces used to be in every good household but their shapes are still interesting today. They have nice asymmetry. The settee is also from the 18th century and is similar to the chaise longue, but has two curved armrests and no backrest.

But here you have to ask the question, are there no more new ideas on the market? The answer is Yes, there are but recourse to valued forms is logical. Especially since these designs look very modern to our eyes because they are relatively reduced forms of what was usually found in our homes 10 years back. The designers revive the old ideas, but not their entire design in the past.

3. Furniture For Cozy Corners is in Demand

People currently attach great importance to furnishing their homes. On the one hand for representation because you show who you are through the furnishings. On the other hand, you like to be at home a lot again, you withdraw, cuddle up and nestle down.

Small Corner Sofa
©John Lewis

The sofa alternatives play a special role here as they do not replace the sofas in larger apartments and houses, but can be a supplement. Some people who have a few more square meters of space available will bring this furniture into the room as a kind of reading and retreat. It’s a place of well-being where you can be alone from time to time.

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Others see it differently. Sofa alternatives like these can complement the sofa, right next to it. For them, the furniture is a good place to sit and chat with friends or family in the evenings. You sit too straight for that at the dining table and on the sofa, you just let yourself fall and sink in.

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