In a formal meeting, you imagine yourself differently than on vacation at a beach acquaintance. The type of introduction varies with time, situation and purpose. The following examples of how to introduce yourself are primarily to be understood as suggestions.

In a network, it becomes more important to make yourself visible to people and grow your contacts and acquaintances. This is the only way to create a real network that is growing steadily. There are situations when you wonder how to introduce yourself especially when it is a dire situation. Some of the ways to introduce yourself can also be combined or varied to form a new one. 

How To Introduce Yourself- Spell Names

How to Introduce Yourself- Spell Name
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Do you have a particularly complicated or original last name? You can start by spelling it at the presentation or a meeting. This often breaks the first ice and provides a nice start to the conversation.

This is particularly useful for rare names or for those who are difficult to pronounce. Most of them will try to pronounce the name correctly which means you already have an informative dialogue and can easily find a way to meaningful yet slightly personal conversation.

How To Introduce Yourself- Address origin

When you introduce yourself, tell your counterpart a little bit more about yourself, for example where you come from. All the more, if you know or hear that your counterpart also comes from the same place or even nearby, its a win-win situation. The trick here is to find commonalities because these connect and make you likable immediately.

Referencing Pop Culture

How to Introduce Yourself- Referencing Pop Culture

Depending on the occasion, suitable similarities can also be found in lifestyle or pop culture. Here, too, you can use your name for comparison. You should, of course, be able to chat about refreshing pop culture references or anything related in general for the subsequent small talk.

Confess nicknames

Nickname proves self-irony and lowers barriers because it provides an opportunity to share a laugh. The person you are talking to might have a bizarre nickname too but don’t stretch it if the person seems uninterested in sharing their nickname.

Use a T-shirt

This is certainly not for formal occasions but for theme parties, in Bars or casual meetings. In particular, modern businessmen and Twitterati use the T-shirt to print their profile names, their URLs including a logo or a self-explanatory saying to establish a self-confident entry. It is, of course, more charming when the curiosity of your counterpart is aroused and the other person speaks about the T-shirt.

Ask a Question

How to give your Introduction

This does not mean that you ask your counterpart about his or her name. That would be legitimate if the person did not introduce themself. The trick here is to initiate a conversation without falling into a monologue yourself. It means that you introduce yourself briefly and at the same time skillfully get your counterpart chatting. 

Always smile while introducing yourself.

It is the most important thing and it connects immediately. It is proven that smiling people increase their reputation enormously and are even recommended more often. We remember smiling people better, even if we only see them for a few seconds.

The Don’ts of How to introduce yourself

There are things that you need to avoid at all costs during the conversation otherwise they will have the exact opposite effect. Please avoid these things when you introduce yourself :

Endless monologues

How to give your introduction- Ask questions

You should tell who you are and what you do, but that’s enough for a start. Instead, allow the other person to speak or to ask questions. This is the only way to create a real conversation. If you fall into a long monologue at the time of the presentation, it seems more like you don’t need a conversation partner, just a listener who nods silently.

Exaggerated self-adulation

Pride in your accomplishments is perfectly fine, but don’t overwhelm yourself with praise as you introduce yourself. It quickly seems imaginary and anything but likable.

Faked interest

Your interest in your conversational counterpart is always an action of your own imagination. What counts is the honest interest which is appropriate and should also be displayed. Playing interested when you are not, on the other hand, is hypocrisy and is usually exposed immediately.

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