Every morning signifies an opportunity for the fresh start of a wonderful life. Your morning routine sets the foundation of your day. Cultivating morning habits for health is a great way to healthy lifestyle. No health routine is good unless it focuses on gut healing and healthy digestion. Here goes the super easy routine to get your gut leaving the rut and celebrating a ‘king styled’ breakfast.

Start little early with movement and exercise.

morning exercise

Feeling the rush is a great trigger for upset stomach. So, start your day few minutes early to keep your gut at ease. Get over that habit of snooze, you lazy chick (if you do so)! Also slight exercising in the morning is a great morning routine for the gut to get moving and clear off the stool. Surprisingly, this also flushes the stress to allow flow of positive energy and emotions. Bye-bye constipation is preliminary requisite for healthy digestion.

Irrigate your gut with water.

More than 70% of our body is made of water. So, when you start your routine with 3-4 glasses of water, it hydrates your body and contributes to overall health.

Lime Water

Warm water with 1/4th or 1/2 lemon juice is a great source of citrus Vitamin C to strengthen your body with antioxidants. It improves your digestion and also helps in constipation. This morning habit for health also loosens that extra fat to contribute to your weight loss regime.

Energizing breakfast king style, not just king size.

Breakfast makes the wonderful start of the day, especially when it is healthy and filling. It relieves you from those cravings during the day. A healthy and nutritious breakfast includes whole-grain cereals, oats, nuts, milk, fruits, egg whites etc. One of the best breakfast for digestion is probiotic supplement. It is gaining popularity as it can potentially put an end to those signs of indigestion like i.e. bloating, acid reflux, gas etc.

healthy breakfast

Hogging the breakfast on the dining table to reach work on time is injustice to the nutrition of the food. It is a subtle sign of disrespect towards the maker of that breakfast. What’s equally important in your breakfast? As much as nutrition plays the significant role, so does your love for the breakfast. Enjoy every bite of it and that too slowly. When you are eating slowly and comfortably giving attention on chewing your food, a magical morning message reaches your gut. This helps improve digestion by processing the ingested food better. This reduces the bloat and triggers the powerhouse of energy to keep actively going throughout the day.

Connect with your inner being through meditation.


Meditation relaxes and rejuvenates your mind. It allows you to begin your day in calm and peaceful state of mind. This prepares the mind and body to face the challenges which come up during the day. Moreover, fifteen minutes to half an hour of meditation eases off those butterflies in your stomach.

Plan your day.

Plan your day
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Everyday imposes several goals to be accomplished and demands to be fulfilled before it gets over. How many times you notice that you wake up with a priority list in mind and it is found intact at the time of sleep? Not that your forget about these things but probably the prioritizing didn’t work. Every morning, take a moment to think and write down three top goals you wish to accomplish today. I like to make this list as end of my meditation ritual. It invokes sense of accountability to take those necessary actions and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Blend this best breakfast for digestion with a small pinch of positivity through meditation and you have the perfect flavor to head forward to an amazing day.

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