The human body contains various organs and cells that function in correspondence to one another in order to serve their purpose efficiently. These cells consist of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, all three of which have different purposes. Red blood cells help carry oxygen, white blood cells fight against diseases and platelets have the function of blood clotting, whenever we get a cut or something. Platelets function normally only when we are healthy and if the platelet count gets too low or too high, it could cause a problem. So, the question is how to increase platelets, since a majority of diseases immediately attacks our platelets and lower them.

How To Increase Platelets

A healthy body has 1.5-4 lakhs platelets per microliter blood. If the number decreases or increases beyond these points, then it becomes necessary to take care of it. So, if you ever come across any disease which plundered down your platelet count, then you don’t have to worry much because we have some of the best solutions to your how to increase platelet query.

Though it is very difficult to increase platelet count through just food diet and exercises, these following food items would help you to a good extent.

1. Milk – How To Increase Platelets

The first one on this how to increase platelets is milk and its beneficial qualities quite well known. Apart from being an excellent source of calcium and proteins, milk even contains Vitamin K, which itself is essential for the blood clotting mechanism in the human body. So, it is clear that regular consumption of a glass of milk would be helpful for your platelet count.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

Much like milk, green leafy vegetables too have high Vitamin K content, essential for blood clotting. They even help in blood circulation and enriching red blood cells and platelets. Veggies like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, basil, etc. are very helpful in increasing platelets.

Green Leafy Vegetables
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3. Papaya Leaf Extract – How To Increase Platelets

Though it tastes bitter, it surely is one of the best medications for boosting platelet count in the body. Consuming a glass or two of fresh papaya leaf extract would be of great help for platelet count.

4. Pomegranate – Foods That Increase Platelet Count

Pomegranate seeds are jam-packed with iron, vitamin C, and numerous other oxidants. Drinking pomegranate juice or eating it daily is highly advised by doctors too. It boosts the immunity of the body and helps fight infections.

5. Foods Enriched With Vitamin A

Another great vitamin on this how to increase platelets list is Vitamin A. Food items like pumpkins, carrots, kale and sweet potatoes, etc. will help you acquire a good amount of vitamin A. 

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6. Wheatgrass

As wheatgrass contains high levels of chlorophyll, which is quite similar to hemoglobin structurally, it is known to not only boost platelet count but also red blood and white blood cells. A glass of freshly made wheatgrass juice every day could be extremely useful.


These were some of the solutions to how to increase platelets, if you need to lower the platelet count then you first need to avoid these particular food items and start consuming alcohol, cranberry juice, quinine, tahini, etc. It’s necessary to know what to eat and even what not to eat, to avoid any further problems.

When Do You Need To Visit A Doctor?

If it is not properly treated, lower platelet levels could lead to blood loss and so, serious complications. You are required to visit a doctor if you see excessive bleeding, weaker gums, headaches due to minor injuries, bruising which might get worse over time. Any of these symptoms are a result of a severe lowering of platelets and need to be taken care of, by professionals. 

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With daily exercises, a healthy and balanced diet with food items that we’ve mentioned already, it is going to work out for you. You can go to a doctor on serious symptoms. 

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