A stuffy nose can be really annoying & discomforting and all of us have experienced it in our lives. It prevents you from speaking in your normal voice and the worst part if you cannot even sleep properly with a blocked nose.  A blocked nose is caused by a cold or flu allergies which develops mucus in the nasal passages. Fret not. These are some simple home remedies to get rid of a blocked nose.

Home Remedies for Cold

Steam Inhalation – Home Remedies For A Blocked Nose

Inhaling steam in this condition is very helpful. Add boiled water in a vessel and place your head over the vessel and inhale the hot steam. Your head should be covered with a cloth so that the steam does not escape easily. This will bring you immediate relief and unblock your nose.

A Hot Shower – Natural Decongestant Remedies

This is beneficial if you have a stuffy nose as the steam from the hot shower loosens up the mucus in your nose and reduce the inflammation. You will discover your breathing return to normal after this shower. 

Hot Shower | Home Remedies For A Blocked Nose

Keep Yourself Hydrated – Home Remedies For A Blocked Nose

It is an important point to remember that any liquid such as freshly squeezed juices, water, or energy drinks provides the hydration to the body and helps in pushing the fluids out of your nose. If you have a sore throat along with a stuffy nose, you can have hot soup, ginger ale, or peppermint tea.

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Inhalation of Solutions/Oils – Natural Decongestant Remedies

A Stuffy nose can annoy you if you are at work instead of being at home. Keep some capsules of Eucalyptus oil with you handy and cut one open on your handkerchief. Inhale it after every 2 minutes and your nose will loosen up. Nasal spray is a good option too.

Air Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture to the air inside your home and brings relief to your clogged nose because dry air can lead to inflammation and prevents the mucus from flowing out of the nose naturally. 

Warm Compress

Putting a warm compress on the forehead also helps in decongestion of the nasal passage from outside. It helps in relieving the inflammation and the pain in nostrils. Soak a small towel in warm water, squeeze the water from the towel, fold it and put it on the forehead or the nose. 

Warm Compress | Home Remedies For A Blocked Nose
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Sleeping Properly

A good sleeping position also can change the game. While lying on either side of yours will be uncomfortable, lying on your back will build up mucus in your nose and block it further. Therefore, it is advisable to lie on your back with one or two extra pillows under your head so that your head is slightly raised. This position will give you the required rest and prevent your nose from further blockage. 

Running Water

If you are at home or office and have the facility of a washroom, it is better that instead of rubbing your nose with tissues or handkerchiefs every time you sneeze, blow your nose in the running water. Make sure not to put too much pressure on the nostrils while blowing and make sure not to overdo the blowing as it can cause headache. 

Running Water | Natural Decongestant Remedies
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Another natural remedy which is highly effective is this—mix some camphor in warm coconut oil and apply it on the chest, palms, feet and back. Alternatively, you can use mustard oil. This will help in removing the congestion and you will be able to breathe properly. 

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Peeled Onion

It is also said that smelling a peeled onion for 5 minutes can also help in clearing nasal congestion. 

These home remedies for a blocked nose will surely help you in dealing with it better. However, if your nasal congestion lasts for more than 7 days, you should visit a doctor. 

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