If you’re someone who enjoys exercising due to the endorphins that come with it and how confident it makes you feel, then hi-five. We are on this journey together. A good exercise session has the power to transform your entire mood for the day and give a sudden boost of energy. But then there are days when you’re also frustrated with your exercise routine since it isn’t working. This is exactly why you’re here, to understand and know how to reduce back fat and what all exercises for back fat can you perform.

Side Jack-knife - How to reduce back fat for female
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Back fat is one such type of fat that is just too annoying and requires a lot of time and attention to go away. The fat which gets deposited on our backs with time is known as back fat. And, it requires to be targeted specifically in order to lose it. So we have compiled a few of the best practices and exercises on how to reduce back fat. Check it out:

Cut Calories

To lose weight, from any part of the body, firstly it is necessary to burn more calories than what you take in. Never eat something low in nutritional value and more in calories, also known as, empty calories. Avoid sugary products completely.

Lowering your calorie intake helps you to reduce your weight tremendously and works best when you’re targeting one specific area of your body. Other than this, it is very important to exercise and that too, targeting the part which you want to reduce. So, here are some high-intensity exercises for back fat which you can perform to actually help you tone the fat down.

1. Side Jack-knife

This exercise targets your upper thighs, abs and back. It’ll be highly effective to reduce your back fat.

Here’s how you do it:

Lie down on a mat. Turn right with both your legs on top of each other, resting on the ground. Move both your hands behind your ears. Then simultaneously, fold your upper leg while keeping the other one on the ground and at the same time, lift your upper body towards the upper leg. Repeat it 10-15 times, and then turn left and repeat it.

2. Superman

No, you aren’t required to jump off a building in this one, but it’s quite a simple exercise, which targets your spine and back mainly.

Superman - Reduce Back Fat
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Here’s how you do it:

Lie down on the mat facing the ground, i.e. on your belly and put your hands straight ahead. Keeping your belly fixed on the mat, raise your hands, head and both legs upwards resembling the flying posture of Superman. Repeat it 20 times daily for the most effective results.

3. Lateral Raises with Dumbbells

You’d require dumbbells for this exercise. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, you can use anything with a good amount of weight which could be lifted by both your hands separately.

Lateral Raises with Dumbbells
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Here’s how you do it:

Just hold the weights in both of your hands, and lift your hands upwards till the level of your shoulders. Keep in mind, that the weight shouldn’t be too much, and shouldn’t cause much pain in the hands. Do 20 reps daily.

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4. Speedbag – How To Reduce Back Fat

You don’t even require a punching bag for this exercise, it could be just done simply and without any equipment.

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Here’s how you do it:

Stand straight and keep your legs wide apart, with one of them slightly in front of the other one. Then, imagining a punching bag in front of you, hit hard with your knuckles closed. Do it as fast as you can and keep doing it for a minute.

Make Some Changes In Your Daily Routine And Lifestyle – How To Reduce Back Fat

Start walking more and more. Do not use your car or motorcycle to move shorter distances, instead take a walk. Walking is one of the best ways to burn lots of calories.

Leave your bad habits such as smoking or drinking behind. Even sugar for that matter, adds up to your weight. Eliminate added sugar as much as you can from your diet.

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Keep your posture maintained. It’ll help you to stretch and balance yourself and your back too.

These were some of the best practices on how to reduce back fat, including what to eat and what not to eat, and some of the best exercises to target your back fat. Finally, the art of losing weight and unwanted fat is to create a healthy routine. Eat healthily and be determined to add in some form of daily physical activity and you’ll notice the effects yourself.

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