Especially at high temperatures, high humidity, or generally when the weather changes, many people suffer from hypotension. In contrast to hypertension I.e. high blood pressure, which is a risk to the body, low blood pressure alone is mostly harmless unless it occurs in connection with serious illnesses. But that doesn’t mean that in the long term, it would not have repercussions. Let’s take a look at some of the home remedies for low blood pressure.

Home Remedies Low Blood Pressure

In medicine, hypotension is used when there are long-term low blood pressure values that are below 100/60 mmHg in women and below 110/60 mmHg in men. The phenomenon is not a disease, but measurement and does not have to be treated compulsorily, except in the case of symptoms that occur at the same time and are triggered by insufficient blood flow to the peripheral organs.

Many people live with existing low BP values without the need for therapy. However, if symptoms such as dizziness, blackening in front of the eyes, or brief fainting are added, you must immediately see a doctor as it might be linked to another problem.

Causes of Low BP

The causes for hypotension can be numerous and can range from a lack of fluids to a genetic predisposition of chronic diseases related to metabolism or heart. Psychological causes should be excluded in the course of the diagnosis.

Genetic factors are often the reason for low blood pressure, as in, the mother may pass this disposition on to her daughter. In general, puberty is often associated with low BP for many girls, especially when they are very slim and grow fast. But pregnant women and lean and older people also tend to hypotension. A lack of physical activity and fresh air, as well as insufficient fluid intake, intensify the symptoms.

Different Forms of Hypotension

There are three different types of low blood pressure:

Essential Hypotension

This can be understood as low blood pressure with no apparent cause. Essential hypotension is common, especially in young women. This form is not a disease.

Symptomatic hypotension

In symptomatic hypotension, it is to be regarded as a symptom of a serious underlying illness. Diseases such as heart failure, adrenal insufficiency, aortic stenosis, hypovolemia usually accompany low BP. Prolonged bedriddenness or the use of various medications, such as diuretics, medications for mental illnesses, or hypertension medications often result in the symptomatic form.

Orthostatic dysregulation

A sudden change of position from lying to standing can lead to a drop in blood pressure. This is called orthostatic dysregulation. This is often the case in adolescent girls and older patients. Patients with existing arteriosclerosis and decreasing elasticity of the vessels struggle with llow BP caused by a rapid change of position. In some cases, this is made worse by taking certain medications, such as high blood pressure, among the elderly.

Types of Hypotension

Autonomic nervous system disorders, such as may occur in diabetes and nerve cell damage in the brain also sometimes lead to orthostatic dysregulation.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

Those affected often complain of poor performance and concentration, fatigue, and dizziness. Also, patients with low blood pressure often go black when they get up or have to stand for a long time. Entering short unconsciousness, depression, facial pallor, chills, stitches around the heart, or chest pain.

However, low values do not necessarily have to appear through health problems. Many affected patients live well with their hypotension, completely without conventional medicine or herbal medication.

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Diagnosis of Low Blood Pressure

To make the confirmed diagnosis, the blood pressure must be measured repeatedly, on both arms and at different times of the day, preferably over a longer period. The Schellong test is also useful for diagnosis. The patient must first lie on his back for ten minutes. The resting heart rate and blood pressure are noted. Then the patients get up quickly and stay there for ten minutes. The pulse and blood pressure are checked and noted every minute. The patient can then lie down again and both are measured until the initial values are reached again.

Conventional Therapy for Low BP

Essential hypotension, for which low values have no recognizable cause, is only treated in severe cases with medications. Since the essential form is usually not serious, the patients are not prescribed medication but physical apparatus like compression stockings.

Home Remedies For Low Blood Pressure

If people suffer from recurrent low BP, a certain ‘lifestyle’ is recommended. This includes daily showers, brush massage with a loofah glove, a healthy breakfast with a cup of black or green tea. Green or black tea also stimulates circulation. Regular circulatory training through brisk walking or jogging should be integrated into everyday life. The measures mentioned will not work overnight but the regular and consistent approach will pay off.


Affected people should get used to not getting up too quickly from lying down. It is recommended that you sit up for a while, move your feet in a circle or move your toes, and then slowly rise. Standing up helps to activate the muscles by rocking the feet or clawing and stretching the toes. It is particularly helpful when standing for a longer time, for example at the supermarket checkout or in a queue at the bank. Crossing the legs is also a good helpful method.

Mother Nature has many plants ready that can stimulate and strengthen circulation. These include rosemary, hawthorn, ginseng, and gentian. Rosemary as an essential oil, when used in an aroma lamp, can stimulate the circulation. Rosemary should therefore never be evaporated in the presence of a high blood pressure patient.

A cup of coffee in the morning also helps in maintaining the blood pressure. In general, you should drink a lot of liquids like water, herbal or fruit juice, etc., if your blood pressure is too low. This increases the blood volume and thus the blood pressure.

Salt also increases blood volume and blood pressure by binding fluid in the body. People with low BP should, therefore, add salt to their food sufficiently. It is also advisable to have several small meals a day instead of fewer large ones.

If your blood pressure is low, you should also limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol widens the blood vessels and so at least temporarily lowers blood pressure. 

Best Home Remedy for Low BP – Positive Approach to Life

Stress first increases blood pressure. However, if permanent stress arises, this can lead to a drop in blood pressure. Here life needs a different input. The way of life should be reconsidered, negative thinking should be converted into positive thinking and regular relaxation should be ensured. Relaxation exercises such as meditation along with stress-relieving techniques such as Tai Chi can be helpful here.

Stress Cause Low Blood Pressure

Physical activity gets the circulation going and reduces symptoms such as dizziness and tiredness. Endurance sports such as jogging, swimming, or cycling are particularly suitable for this. It often helps to alternately stretch and angle your feet while lying in bed or cycle with your feet in the air, to stimulate blood flow.

Fluctuations in blood pressure when getting up in the morning can often be prevented by sleeping with the upper body raised at night like tilting the head section to about 20 degrees. Other home remedies for low blood pressure are compression stockings. You can stimulate blood circulation in the legs.

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If the low BP is persistent even after trying home remedies for low blood pressure, you should consult your doctor for advice.

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