We have evolved and now we’re spending more time of ours constantly staring into our screens than ever. There is no end to these screens, from TV to laptop, to phones to even our watches now. There is a screen attached to each and every device that we use on a regular basis and this is putting an immense amount of stress on our eyes and eventually result in some kind of migraine. Sometimes, the reason isn’t even screens but some kind of tension, resulting in massive migraines. So, to combat and save our eyes from it, we have charted out a bunch of home remedy for migraine.

what are causes of migraine | Home Remedy For Migraine

Now, most people confuse migraines with headaches but if you’re someone who has ever experienced it then you know the reality. With migraine comes a lot of nausea, consistent pounding pain, sensitivity to light and even sounds. When one strikes the bearer, they would do almost anything to make it go away.

So, we have mapped out a bunch of effective and natural home remedies for migraines. Please note, there are certain types of migraines that require proper medication for the treatment and it is extremely advisable to contact a doctor for that.

1. Drink Water

Glass of Water | Dehydration Causes Headache

Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons why some develop a headache which has also been proven in a bunch of researches that stated dehydration as a primary cause of headaches, stress and migraines. And, drinking water has also proven to be the best home remedy for migraine.

2. Adequate & Set Sleeping Schedule

Woman Sleeping | Remedies For Migraine

A night of restorative sleep is very important for your body to recover from all the stress and tension and screens it had to experience over the day.

Many people start suffering from headaches due to a lack of adequate sleep or by sleeping for more than necessary hours. The best way to stop these migraines is to find the right balance in terms of the hours you sleep for.

3. Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Migraine Therapy

Essential oils are another particular home remedy for migraine that work effectively for migraines. These oils are highly concentrated liquids that contain aromatic compounds extracted from different plants. These oils are used for therapeutic benefits and are known for relieving stress.

Many have claimed that peppermint and lavender essential oils, in particular, are great for headaches. Whenever you’re having one just apply it on your temples and you’ll immediately start feeling the results.

4. Consume Magnesium

Magnesium Vitamin | Home Remedy For Migraine

Magnesium is one of the minerals that help in better functioning of our bodies, including maintaining our blood sugar levels and nerve transmissions. It is also considered to be safe and very effective for headaches.

There have been various researches that suggest magnesium deficiency among individuals who have suffered from migraines. About 600 mg of magnesium every day can help reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

5. Limit Alcohol Intake

Magnesium Vitamin | Home Remedy For Migraine | Alcohol

While alcohol helps you in having a good time, it also contributes to increasing the severity of a migraine. However, consuming alcohol does not contribute to having a headache in the first place, it just triggers the effect of migraine among those who regularly get them.

6. Meditate

Meditation For Migraine

Meditation is the answer to a lot of mental health problems since it helps in increasing focus along with reducing stress. Few minutes of meditation every single day helps in building better health which is apparent even in terms of migraines. This is why meditation is considered another very effective home remedy for migraine.

7. Avoid Junk Food

Junk Food | Migraine Remedies

Our diet plays a vital role in our overall well being which also stands true for migraines. There are certain foods and drinks that can act as a trigger for a severe migraine attack. Some of these food includes bacon, sausage, hot dogs, cheese, chocolate, processed foods, dried fruits and food with MSG in it.

8. Take Some Time Off The Screen

Take Time Off Screen | migraine Remedies

As mentioned earlier, taking some time off the screens is very essential for saving oneself from migraine attacks. The radiation that our screens are throwing at us can tire our eyes and eventually our mind a lot which has some severe results.

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