Sleeping is the ultimate form of relaxation and rejuvenation that most of us have started neglecting now. We no longer sleep for optimum rest, but rather as a chore and to wake up tomorrow. A major reason behind it is that most of us have completely ruined our postures by sitting in one place for a prolonged period and this has now resulted in problems like neck and lower back pain. If you’re also someone like this, then you need to know about the best sleeping positions that offer the maximum amount of relaxation and wake you up as a completely relaxed person.

Best Sleeping Positions

Here are the best sleeping positions that you need to try, tonight!

best sleeping positions

1. Fetal Position: Best Sleeping Position For Lower Back Pain

This is one of the most comforting and also known as the best sleeping position. It is important to feel completely relaxed while sleeping and this sleeping position offers you the same comfort that you look for.

To get in this sleeping position, all you’re required to do is sleep on your side with either one or both legs curled underneath. It is also the most popular among all, as it is great for lower back pain and this is the best sleeping position when women are pregnant.

It can also help to reduce one’s snoring problem. However, make sure that you’re in a comfortable position as you sleep, otherwise proper and deep breathing won’t happen completely. You can try this position also with having a pillow between your legs.

2. Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on your side turns out to be pretty good, especially when you’re sleeping on your left side. It is excellent for digestion might help reduce your snoring habit and heartburns too.

It has scientifically experimented that people after eating a heavy fat meal have had the problem of acid reflux and increased heartburns when they sleep on their right side, instead of left.

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When it has positive effects on one hand, it could also have negative ones like causing stiffness in your shoulders. Research has shown that it could contribute to wrinkles and tightness of your jaw on the side you sleep.

You can put a pillow between your lower legs to align your hips making it one of the best sleeping positions for lower back pain. And, if you think it’s not comfortable for you, then you can switch to another one which turns out to be more comfortable.

3. Lying On Your Stomach

This position of sleeping over belly can be good for avoiding the problem of snoring and sleep apnea, but there aren’t too many benefits for sleeping in this position. It could possibly become a cause for your neck pain and back pain.

It can also lead to a lot of strain in your muscles and joints, the soreness and tiredness which you’ll feel when you wake up in the morning. The back pain can be reduced by placing a pillow on your lower belly.

But then, there are some who have had some of the best and most relaxing sleep in this position, so, you can try it for yourself and make a decision.

4. Flat On Your back: Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

This position offers the most health benefits. It is considered to be the best sleeping position for your spine and it also relieves you from knee pain and hip pain. It helps in avoiding unnecessary pressure on your back or other joints.

Placing a pillow below your knees will support your lower portion and would be more comfortable for you. Sleeping fat on your back avoids any gravity-induced wrinkles on your face.

Although, it doesn’t provide any relief against snoring and sleep apnea, and these become the most visible in this position. It could also be difficult for people who have been through any type of back pain, which is why a properly supported position is a must.

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So, these were the best sleeping positions that you can try. While some of these are the best sleeping positions for lower back pain, others are suited as best sleeping positions for neck pain. So, what are you waiting for now? Go grab a pillow and try these positions out now. It’s necessary that you take proper sleep for enough time for better productivity, and a rejuvenated and relaxed mind.

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