We all are craving for the good old sleep constantly, and at all times, except for the time when we can actually get it, i.e. at night. Because, night calls for much more important and crucial things and journeys to embark, even when it consists of binge-watching some shitty show to be ahead in the league of fast-moving pop-culture. And, then there are some who are bitten by the misery of Insomnia that limits you from sleeping, because of no sleep.

Essentially an adult should have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep in a day, and comparing it to the lives we all are living, this statement almost seems like a joke.

But it’s true and should be followed for a more healthy and sound day life. In case you’re one of those who can’t understand whether or not they’re getting enough sleep at night, then this is for you. We have gathered 5 signs that tell that you’re not getting enough and desired sleep. Check them out here:

1. You’re perpetually hungry.

source: Vixen Daily

We all love food and can instantly devour anything remotely delicious within minutes, but lack of sleep doesn’t mean that. You want to eat more and more and you’re eating more and more to compensate for the energy that one gets from sleep. This is not only resulting in weight gain but can also drive one towards diabetes, since you’re more drawn towards sugary and fatty foods.

2. You’re forgetful.

source: Campaign

If you can’t remember your colleagues’ name or often forget where you kept your keys, a few hours back then my friend, lack of sleep is getting to you. Being mildly forgetful is something we go through in our day-to-day routine, however, the situation is too bad if it starts happening more routinely.

3. You’re becoming more clumsy.

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Lack of sleep often means tiredness and this can lead you to find yourself tripping up, dropping items or bumping into things. Not a very pretty sight to be honest, especially during important events and meetings.

4. You’re facing poor decision-making scenarios.

source: creatievekoppen

Let’s be honest, we all suck at making good decisions and that too on time, however, nothing matches the ones that were made by your half-asleep half-tired self. So, if you’re constantly asking yourself as to why you made this decision and what you thought while making it, then it’s time to sleep, buddy.

5. You’re on an emotional roller coaster.

source: Coastal Detox

Now this one is the worst of the worst repercussions of lack of sleep. If you find yourself reacting to things that wouldn’t have affected you previously, or perhaps you feel yourself swinging from being wildly happy to particularly weepy, poor sleep may be the reason. This can lead you to want to cry at all times, and then be feeling nothing at other times.

These 5 signs can only make you aware of your lack of sleep schedule, the act of improving and working on it is only limited to you.

Jyotsna Amla

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