Benefits of fasting in Navratri can be concluded as something that millions of people do twice a year for their traditions and belief, along with the outcome that all of it will eventually reap.

However, there is more it to than what meets the eye or has been told to us. There are tons of scientific benefits attached to this process too but before that, we need to know what is Navratri.

Navratri stands for nine nights of celebration, pujas, traditions and fasting for nine different goddesses. Even though it comes twice a year, both the Navratris are different from each other.

Navratri Diet

While in one you only fast and pray, the other one has different festivals attached to it, you have Dussehra’s nine days, Gujaratis’ Dandiya and Bengali’s Durga Puja all coinciding with each other, beautifully.

Coming to the benefits of fasting in Navratri that we started this piece with, there are tons of benefits. While some call it a way to connect with their gods in a stronger way, others have scientific benefits attached to the phenomenon which has eventually turned it into a diet practice.

This particular diet practice is followed by millions of people who have stated the benefits they have felt in their mind, body and health by practicing fasting for a set number of days.

Fast Benefits In Navratri
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Fasting has proven to be one of the best ways to detoxify your body and get rid of all the toxins that have been accumulated in your body.

It helps in purifying your gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the surrounding of your organs, balances the metabolic constituents, also the gastric juices produced during fasting work on removing cholesterol from your system.

Here are some other amazing benefits of fasting in Navratri.

1. De-Stressing

Benefits Of Fasting In Navratri

One of the major benefits of fasting in Navratri has been noted that it helps in de-stressing you and help you in being a calmer version of yourself. Once you start fasting for a couple of days, you’ll start to notice that you don’t feel as hungry as you occasionally do, which makes the entire process more calming. It also helps you in scheduling your time around the important parts of your day, of which a very small amount goes to eating.

2. Detoxing

Benefits Of Fasting In Navratri
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As mentioned above, fasting is a great way of detoxing your body which ultimately results in a deeper connection between your mind and body. It happens because over the course of your fast, you tend to consume healthier, fresher and food that is actually good for your body. Plus, there is a complete shutdown of junk food which is always a great thing for anyone.

3. Improves Digestion

Navratri Fast Rules
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If you’re someone who goes through digestion problems every now and then, then you absolutely need to try fasting for a few days since it puts a limit on your consumption. In addition to that, your body has a limited amount of food to digest which is far easier than an entire day of eating.

4. Improves Focus

Navratri Diet Plan

Another amazing and well-known benefits of fasting in Navratri that eventually fasting and staying away from food helps one in being more focused. They are able to channelize their energy in a much better way and make much better use of it.

5. Increases Positivity

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This is possibly one of the best-known benefits of fasting in Navratri and in Ayurveda, it is called Sattva Guna. As per the Ayurveda, the world is made up of five elements and has three qualities. They are:

Sattva (the quality that brings forth positivity)
Rajas (the quality that brings forth activity)
Tamas (the quality that brings forth inertia)

Ayurveda also says that fasting improves the quality of life we are living and potentially bring joy and happiness in one’s life. Fasting detoxifies your aura too which results in more positive surroundings.

These were some of the best and most amazing benefits of fasting in Navratri which is why everyone should at least try it once in their lives.

If, after knowing about all of these benefits of fasting in Navratri, you also want to try it once then here are few things that you should keep in mind, in order to have a smoother and more efficient journey.

In short, here is the Navratri diet for fasting that one should follow:

Navratri Diet Plan
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1. For the first three days begin slowly and try to consume as many fruits as possible. In addition to that, consume something which is easier to digest like Khichdi for one meal of the day.

2. After getting through the first three days, you can move on to usual Navratri cuisines that people eat. This includes Samak or sabudana (Sago) Khichidi, Kuttu (buckwheat) puris, with occasional fruits every now and then.

3. Do try to incorporate vegetable like pumpkin and bottle guard which are usually consumed during the fasting time. Also, you can consume dairy products like milk, dahi and ghee.

4. Avoid fried food as much as possible since this can backfire your health condition and give an ugly twist to the entire fasting period.

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5. Do remember to begin your fasting before consulting your doctor, if you have a health condition.

6. Last, but definitely not the least, even if you can’t fast try to abstain from non-vegetarian food since it is not at all consumed over the course of Navratri. Also, avoid onion, garlic and alcohol.

That’s it with all the benefits of fasting in Navratri, diet for fasting and do’s and don’ts of fasting in Navratri. Hope you have an auspicious Navratri.

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