Asthma is a something that one who lives in Delhi just can’t escape from. We Delhiites are on the verge of asthma and this leads us to gasp for air, wheezing and feeling a general tightness in the chest. All of these things account to the problems an asthma patient faces, on day to day basis. These yogasan for asthma will benefit you in tackling the disease in an effective manner.

yogasan for asthma

Asthma is a chronic breathing disorder which causes the narrowing of the bronchial airways that hampers normal breathing. This contraction may be triggered by allergens like pollen, dust, leading to a decreased amount of airflow in the lungs.

Though the disease has a harrowing reputation in our society, there are a ton of treatments available today. But the one that gives the most satisfactory results and is almost free of cost is Yoga.

There are gobs of different asanas one can do daily and ease the effects of asthma from becoming a major problem. The best asanas for yoga or generally the one that focuses on expanding the chest opens up the narrowed down air passage of the lungs.

So, on World Asthma Day we have decided to list out 5 yogasan for asthma that are absolutely perfect for anyone and everyone suffering from Asthma. These asanas are easy to do and start showing the positive effect on your body and breathing in no time.

1. Salabhasana or Locust Pose – Yogasan for Asthma

This asana for asthma patients is not too difficult and works for more problems than one. It strengthens your back and the abdomen area, along with opening your chest.

2. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose – Yogasan for Asthma

Another great asana that is super easy to do and very efficient. Various yoga experts have said that bhujangasana expands the rib cage, opens the chest and improves lung capacity.

3. Tadasana or Mountain Pose

While tadasana has always been more associated with it’s properties of accounting to an increase in height, there are other benefits that this yoga pose serves. When you’re doing this asana, give a certain amount of attention to your breathing too. Regulate your breathing and it will help in strengthening your muscles.

4. Pawanmuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose

Much like the above asanas, even this asana for asthma works heavily on the regulations of deep breathing. Lift up the leg to a 90-degree angle from the floor while maintaining the slow inhalation and exhalation of breath.

Apart from working on your breathing, pawanmuktasana also give your back and neck a good stretching and works amazingly for those with constipation.

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5. Ustrasana or Camel Pose

This asana works in various departments, much like the above-stated ones. It not only tones and stretching your back and abdomen muscles, but also works towards opening the front of your body, pectoral muscles, and hip flexors.

Apart from these five yogasan for asthma, someone with asthma should regularly do an adequate amount of anulom vilom pranayama sessions. Work for your body and it’ll work for you.

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