Aloe vera is one of the most popular plants to be grown in Indian houses and it is not just because it looks good or contributes to your aesthetics in some way or the other, but because it possesses so many benefits. Extracted from that plant is aloe vera juice and if you thought only the gel is filled with benefits to the brim, then you’re wrong my friend there are tons of benefits of aloe vera juice that works on your health, body and mind from within.

Today, we will be discussing the same and answering some of the most asked questions revolving around aloe vera juice like, how to prepare aloe vera juice at home? Are there any side effects of aloe vera juice? And, where to buy aloe vera juice from?

Apart from answering these questions, we would also dive in the deep end of benefits of aloe vera juice and everything good that it has to offer. But before that, there are certain things that should be known by everyone about aloe vera in general, like, it has been found that aloe vera contains 75 potentially active constituents – these include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugar, amino acids, salicylic acids, lignin, and saponins. Some of the vitamins found in aloe vera are, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12 and folic acid. In addition to these, aloe vera also contains copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sodium and potassium.

Now, check out the benefits of aloe vera juice below.

1. Treats digestive issues. Aloe vera juice is said to have laxative properties which help in improving digestion, along with improving bowel movements and encourage gut bacterias. With the lifestyle that we all have invigorated ourselves into, toxins are bound to be found in our bodies which can be cleared out with regular intake of aloe vera juice.

2. Helps in weight loss. One of the most renowned benefits of aloe vera juice is that it has anti-inflammatory properties which means it eliminates inflammation from the body which is responsible for weight gain and lowering metabolism in one’s body. In addition to this, a Japanese study has found out that aloe vera juice can prevent diet-induced obesity which is one of the most common phenomena today.

3. Controls blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients have time and again been advised to make aloe vera their best friend and try to consume it almost daily in the form of juice. This is because various researches have found out that aloe vera can improve blood glucose levels. Also, aloe vera juice contains magnesium, zinc, chromium and manganese which improves the effectiveness of insulin.

4. Hydrates body. Another one of the amazing benefits of aloe vera juice is that it is very hydrating in nature and helps in replenishing your body. It holds of thirst for a longer period of time which might otherwise cause fatigue or exhaustion, plus, the potassium in it helps in boosting your energy levels.

5. Better skin health. Everyone knows about the benefits of aloe vera for skin but little do people know that regular consumption of aloe vera juice can actually do a lot more for your skin than simply applying it on your face since it gets rid of the impurities from within. It soothes one’s skin and heals wounds, along with treating skin ulcers, eczema, dandruff and even sunburn. In addition to this, two major hormones present in aloe vera, gibberellins and auxin, help in healing acne and treating scars.

These were some of the most well known benefits of aloe vera juice, now let’s move on to other important questions regarding the aloe vera juice territory.

How to prepare aloe vera juice at home?

One of the most popular and somewhat possible ways of consuming aloe vera juice is with honey. This concoction can be made by first taking off the spikes from aloe vera leaves and leave the green skin alone. Now cut it into small pieces and add them to the blender along with honey. Mix the concoction well and put it in a jar. Drink a spoonful of this mix at least thrice a day, ideally before you eat and see the difference. Many have advised doing this procedure over the span of 10 days and then take off for 10 days, coming back to the routine by the end of it, again.

Are there any side effects of aloe vera juice?

An excess of everything is bad for you and consuming something without proper research does the same for one which is why everyone should be well versed with some of the side effects of aloe vera juice. This includes, kidney issues, allergic reactions, can lead to a long term potassium deficiency and its consumption has been linked to miscarriages which is why no pregnant woman should consume it.

Where to buy aloe vera juice?

If you’re not someone who can’t make their own aloe vera juice at home and want to buy it from a store then there are a ton of variants and brands to choose from. You can simply go to Amazon or Flipkart for it.

Hope you’ve got answers for everything related to aloe vera juice and whether or not one should incorporate it in their lives.

Jyotsna Amla

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