Allergies have often seen as these massive attacks that end up changing your entire health around. They usually come with a runny nose, swollen face, watery eyes and even scratchy eyes. However, there are certain symptoms of allergy that don’t act up massively and effect you in a more normal way.

They tend to go beyond the runny nose phenomenon and have a more familiar reaction to them, nonetheless, they also give you a hard time, something that becomes unexplainable. This happens since not many know about these symptoms of allergy and often ignore them for the sense of relativity they share with these symptoms.

So, if you’re going through some unusual symptoms that you don’t know much about, then you should surely go to a doctor and get yourself checked.

Here are six of the symptoms of allergy that not many know about and often ignore them for the same:

1. Poor Quality of Sleep

Poor Quality of Sleep
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Yes, if you’re not able to get that relaxed sleep in the night time then you might be having an allergy that you know nothing about. Since, poor quality of sleep is such a normal problem that many share, people often ignore it completely and don’t try to work on it. It is one of the most common symptoms of allergy.

As per doctors, People with allergies wake up often, whether they realize it or not, and they do not have a relaxed sleep pattern. Sleep apnea is a serious problem that many suffer from, even when most of them don’t know about it.

2. Headaches

Headaches are something that we all have suffered from, at least once in our lives. While some are mild headaches, there are some that suck the life out of you. If you’re suffering from a hard throbbing in your head then it might be caused because of pollen in the air. Allergies tend to cause swelling of sinuses and inflammation and when the fluid builds up, it leads to headaches, something that is very severe.

3. Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Dark Circles

Yes, even dark circles and wrinkles can be one of the symptoms of allergy, even though they seem something that is perfectly normal. In fact, allergies are known for leaving differences on your face that are temporary in nature. What happens is that allergies lead to dilation of your blood vessels, which become visible underneath your eyes where the skin is very thin. These types of allergies are referred to as allergic shiners in medical terms.

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4. Forgetfulness

As absurd as it might sound, certain allergies induce forgetfulness in you and make you feel spaced out. This happens because certain allergies can cause your immune system to go in an overdrive. They make you feel like you are not your best self and often seem to lack behind in something or the other. They affect your productiveness and can cause fatigue.

5. Ear Pain

Ear Pain

Ear pain is often related to some sort of ear infection, however, it can very well be an allergy that has caused it to happen. As per doctors, an ear infection is very rare for people past the age of 4 or for those who do not suffer from some sort of medical problem that lowers their immunity system. Which is why an ear pain is caused by some type of allergy in which allergens clog your nose and eventually lead to an ear pain since the two are connected by the same tube.

6. Eczema

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Eczema is another symptom of allergy which is fairly common in people who are allergic to something. This skin rash can be triggered by a variety of things, including dryness and weather change. For some, it happens in an intense manner, while for others it can be subtle, something they don’t even notice in the first place.

Now that you know about these six lesser-known symptoms of allergy, get your tested, if you have been through any of these.

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