Intelligent and a good people are the rarest thing in the world but being intelligent or good have its downfalls. Intelligence and a good heart are not always a boon, not when you live in a society that keeps judging you for what you are.

An intelligent person who lacks empathy can survive very easily as he/she is not concerned about others. These people have ‘I don’t give a F**K‘ attitude and that keeps them going.

But god forbid if you are a good person too. A person who is humble and is scared of offending people even when the other person is wrong is likely to have more difficulties in the world. Intelligence and good heart don’t work out well in this lethal world.

Here Is Why:

1. An intelligent person is more likely to suffer from depression.

The perspective of such people is completely different from the general worldview.

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Add goodness and sensitivity to that and you will draw sadness from all around the world.

2. People Love Watch You Fail

Admit It! Intelligence is an advantage. People tend to get jealous of such people and watching them fail feels as good as free pizza on weekdays.

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Since good and intelligent people do not give much importance to what others think, they take their failure pretty well.  But mockery stings.

3. Everyone Feel You Are Arrogant

Good people are often misunderstood as an arrogant person because being assertive is not expected from them.

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Even when they make lucid points, people do not receive them very well.

4. People Expect You To Be Kind And Cheerful All The Time

For some reason, being good and intelligent puts you in the room that is full of expectations. Being kind and cheerful are two of them.

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Somehow people forget that they are human beings and are allowed to get sad or rude or have a bad day like rest of us.

5. You Rationalize Everything.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is one of the side issues of being  good and intelligent. Thinking logically and rationalizing works fine until they use it to trivialize sensitive topics.

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6. The More Intelligent You Are The More Disliked You Will be

People do not like an Intelligent and good person and that is not because of humility. They do not like them because no one likes a know-it-all. It tends them to think less of them.

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7. No One Helps Them Because Everyone Thinks They Can Take Care Of Themselves.

The world keeps forgetting that no one is perfect and even intelligent people need advice. They too need help and support at times.

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Being good or intelligent at times become a liability rather than a privilege and you actually start cursing yourself for being who you are.

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1 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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