We all can agree to the fact that exercising is a really dreading task. I mean who would personally like to substitute their couch potato-ing time with a couple of lunges, squats and planks? I guess no one, except for those apparent Gym Junkies. But then a good workout keeps your body, mind and basically life, in check. Here are the 5 best benefits of Plank exercise.

Exercising is the first step towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle which somehow, in the back of our minds, everyone wants, no matter how dreadful the journey is. If you too want it but feel too cool to accept it then let me help you, my friend.

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Plank, the boring yet, too difficult after 30 sec of doing, exercise is considered to be one of the most effective and important exercises which works best for your core.

Plank has some really good things about it and as per trainers, a 65 kg person can lose up to 221 calories through an hour of the plank. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Plank has a magical thing about it and that is, ‘after burn’. This exercise will help you shed calories while doing it and even after, you’re done with it.

Here are the 5 best benefits of Plank which are too tempting to leave out.

1. Engage Core Muscle Groups

Planks For Core Strength | Benefit of Planks
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Plank gets you to work on all your major core muscle groups, that is, it brings everyone of your muscle into effect and works on it. Some of the core muscle that plank works on, are Glutes, external oblique muscle, rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus.

2. Burn More Calories

Planks For Weight Loss
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Plank helps you in burning more calories than any other core exercise. However, it does need persistence. By performing plank regularly one can even burn calories while being sedentary. It helps in boosting up your metabolism.

3. Improves Posture

Apart from all this, plank also helps one in improving their posture. So, if you don’t want to slouch anymore and have that straight back posture which is full of confidence then include Plank in your exercising, as well as non-exercising schedule.

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4. Improves Flexibility

Improved flexibility is also a benefit that Plank offers you. Plank, stretches out all our posterior muscle groups like collarbone, shoulder and shoulder blades, while also expanding toes, the hamstrings and arches of our feet.

5. Better Posture

Planks Exercise Benefits
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Plank also helps one in achieving an improvised balance which is very important in life. This helps one in having a stable standing posture and no more limping around. It also has a positive effect on the overall balance of your chest, back, neck and shoulders.

These benefits of plank are too good to give this exercise a miss, therefore, add it to your routine and see the change that your body and mind demands.

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