Fruits, a.k.a, nature’s candy are beneficial for tons of reasons. They’re filled with vitamins and nutrients that are not just healthy but delicious too. And, some have officially been identified as fruits for weight loss, which makes them ideal for any and every kind of diet you are currently experimenting with. 

Weight Loss Fruits

This phenomenon is so widespread and followed by many due to the fact that fruits are high in fiber and low in calories. However, with time we have started to distance ourselves from fruits and relied on more artificially sweetened products and vitamin supplements. 

All of this can be put at bay with small incorporation of fruits for weight loss or vitamins, starting with one fruit at a time. As to what kind of fruits are most beneficial for contributing to your weight loss journey, we have narrowed down the list to 8 fruits for weight loss. These fruits are rich in fiber, antioxidants and various nutrients, as for what amount of fruits should one consume in a day differs from person to person and diet to diet. 

1. Berries – Fruits for Weight Loss

Berries are known to be the greatest antioxidants inducing fruits to exist. Moreover, they have the highest fiber content and lowest in sugar, which makes it ideal for consumption while one is trying to shed some extra kilos.

Berries For Weight Loss | Fruits For Weight Loss

Three of the prime berries that one should have, include strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, one can consume both fresh and frozen ones, though the fresh ones are healthier than the store-bought package. 

2. Watermelon

Watermelons are synonymous with hot summer days on the beach or porch or anywhere in the world. But, did you know, watermelon is about 90% water, which keeps you hydrated while making you feel full for a more extended period of time. Plus, they’re delicious and helps your body in cooling down almost instantly. 

Watermelon | Fruits for Weight Loss

3. Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is what we all have grown up listening to and Apple indeed has a bunch of nutritional benefits. More importantly, Apple has high fiber content, which makes you feel full for a more extended period. Also, eating an apple is pleasantly more satisfying and even craves your cravings to munch on something.

Apples | Fruits for Weight Loss

It’s the crunch and texture of the Apple that has this kind of effect on your mind. And, if you’re someone who has a sweet tooth and can’t live without desserts posts meals then you could simply bake them in the oven and enjoy as delicious crisps. 

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4. Grapefruit – Fruits for Weight Loss

Nutritionists swear by grapefruits and its benefits of consuming in the morning. It is a perfect breakfast fruit for weight loss to wake your body up and much like berries, they are high in fiber and low on sugar. Plus, they have pretty large serving sizes, which will keep you full for a longer time.

Grapefruit | Weight Loss Fruits

As per a particular study, people have actually admitted to losing weight once they started consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice before their meals. 

5. Banana

Many consider and bad mouth bananas for being too high in carbs and completely neglect them from their weight loss journey. However, various dieticians have claimed that bananas are actually good for you. Part of the carbs in bananas are in the form of fibers pectin and resistant starch, which helps in regulating blood sugar levels and not cause it to spike. This also keeps you feeling full for a longer time and keeps your blood sugar steady to maintain energy throughout. 

Banana | Banana For Weight Loss

6. Lemon – Fruits for Weight Loss

Lemon is a vital ingredient/ fruit for weight loss and is highly versatile in terms of how many ways in which one can consume it. And, drinking lemon water in the morning is probably on the top of that list. Moreover, lemons alkalize the body and improve digestion while detoxing it.

Lemon | Lemon For Losing Weight

Drinking more water also boosts weight loss and to jazz up the boring plain water, you can add a few drops of lemon juice and enjoy it refreshingly. 

7. Papaya

Papaya is another magical fruit for weight loss, which has been neglected by many for far too long. Dieticians and nutritionists have consistently amplified the fact that papaya is rich in enzymes, which eases distress in gastrointestinal tracts and even reduces bloating.

Papaya Benefits

It is also a low-calorie fruit and full of fiber, which keeps you feeling full. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the taste of papaya on its own then you can amp it up by pairing it with little fresh lime juice and sea salt.

8. Pineapple

There are very few fruits that are as juicy, delicious and nutritious as a pineapple which is why it had to be on this list. It is also said that pineapple has high water content which keeps you hydrated and various studies have actually stated that adding water-rich fruits to your weight loss diet can do wonders for the entire process. You can consume it as it is or turns them to the skewers and enhance their taste even more. 


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These were some of the fruits for weight loss that have consistently shown wonders to people’s diets and many swear by them. If you’re also planning to start a diet then do make sure to add these fruits in your food chart and replace them with artificial or preserved sweet nothings. 

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