Eating after 6pm makes you fat

Eating after 6 makes you fat
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Everyone has probably heard of this before but is it true? Yes, the food is metabolized poorly after 6 pm, however, whether it actually helps in accumulating fat or gaining weight has never been proven. Anyway, there is an old saying that seems correct : Have breakfast like a king and eat like a beggar in the evening.

It is certainly not advised to eat a heavy meal, too late in the evening because of the fact that you may sleep immediately afterwards and not be able to take a walk to help in digestion.

Sauna helps you lose weight

Sauna helps in fat burning
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There is definitely something true about this claim because increasing the energy consumption of the body ultimately leads to burning fat and weight loss. Of course, you lose weight through sauna sessions. Many people weigh themselves before and after sauna and become very enthusiastic after seeing the result. But the weight is lost because almost all of the water in the body is lost through sweat. Hardly any fat is lost during sauna. It is certainly not the method of choice for losing weight because losing fat is the main motive behind it and that is not achieved here.

Losing weight becomes more difficult with age

reduce weight with age

Yes, of course losing weight is more difficult in old age. The muscle mass decreases, which consumes a lot of energy and thus the total energy consumption decreases. If you want to lose weight in old age, you would have to limit calorie consumption and work harder during the workout. It is also commonly observed that obesity often arises upon retirement because with less movement and activity, the metabolism drops even more.

Balanced nutrition always plays a role and even more in old age because less energy is used, but the need for nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids does not decrease. That means you have to consume the same quality with less quantity . You would have to be more conscious of choosing nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean dairy products.

Weighing daily helps you lose weight

Weighing daily can reduce weight
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This myth is not true at all, not even psychologically. It is recommended that you weigh yourself once a week in the phase of losing weight and also afterwards because the weight has certain variations. You should not take note of every 200 grams, because that tends to cause insecurity and stress.

Once the desired weight is achieved, you should still continue weighing weekly. It is important to continue to do this because maintaining weight is the most difficult phase amongst all weight loss phases.

Correct handling of weight loss wisdom

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You should definitely show healthy skepticism while losing weight. Something new is produced every day and most of it is more than questionable. This ranges from self-tests to hypotheses that have no durability at all that pops up and goes back down just as quickly.

Help from qualified nutritionist is never wrong, at least for the entry phase. But a group is also suitable for losing weight. Exercising in groups keeps the moral high and everybody motivated to achieve the goal. Besides, it’s always nice to do it with like-minded people.

Believing in myths is sometimes for the better but only if it keeps you positive. But really, it is about bringing a change your diet, eating consciously and embedding it in your entire lifestyle, of course, with enough exercise and relaxation. This is the only way weight loss wisdom will work.

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