Sleep. When was the last time you slept so well and woke up without having to do anything or with no botherations about all of that had to be done?

One phrase: multiple meanings and implications. This simple 5-letter word may seem like a directive of sorts as if someone promptly asked us to lie down on the bed and close the eyes for a while. Yet, one the other hand, it may also seem like a phrase that inspires envy. Surely, that’s for one simple reason that very often, one doesn’t get enough sleep at all. So a question remains. Are there any foods that help you sleep?

In other words, if one is not getting a good sleep by the natural course then could it be that there are some foods that help you sleep better?

In a world where we are constantly on the go, on the verge of finishing one deadline, only to prepare for the other, it remains to be asked whether there indeed are foods that help you sleep and get a meaningful rest, after all?

Let’s figure out a list that, truth be told, might come in handy, after all, especially at a time where one’s not usually paying much attention to rest and constantly occupied in meeting multiple timelines and responsibilities.

1. Almonds

Your grandmom keeps telling you to eat this. You hardly ever eat almonds and your mum too complaints about your habit. Isn’t it? On most other occasions, you get sick and tired of reading forwards that keep singing praises about almonds.

source: Livestrong

Ever wondered why’s that?

Well, being in rich in not one but three different essential nutrients- Manganese, Phosphorous, and riboflavin- somewhere soothes the body and relaxes it out to an extent that it becomes good for sleep.

Almonds, it has been clinically proven, contains the sleep-regulating hormone called melatonin. Why not simply have some of this and similar foods that help you sleep better?

2. Turkey

Sorry vegans; for this one is not for you!

So it has been proven that apparently Turkey, being a rich source of both Protein as well as Selenium is known to promote natural sleep.

Turkey Recipe

And in a time like today- little wonder why Rush Hour is such a hit movie and evergreen too- what could be better than having foods that help you sleep better, such as Turkey?

What are you waiting for, where’s your meal? Have it now.

3. Chamomile Tea

For some people, it’s a bit of an irritant to note others endlessly consuming tea; chugging one cup after another. After all, sipping too many cups of tea can make one sound rather old-fashioned and strangely addictive, so what if the habit is any less-taxing as compared to chain-smoking?

To most others, having tea is compulsory and often, indicative of a good and a healthy habit. It’s a bit genteel in its custom even.

Chamomile Tea
Organic Facts

But do you know what? Having a regular cup of Chamolie Tea can promote some nice sleep as well; staying true to the moniker of seeing the other side of the coin.

It contains apigenin, an antioxidant that promotes the brain to accept sleep and ease out. What could be better than sticking to a habit that is also beneficial in the end, isn’t it?

4. Kiwi

Sounds confusing, right? Why on earth would you have a fruit that’s brilliantly loaded with rich vitamins, such as Vitamin C and K for a good sleep?

Kiwi Fruit
Organic Facts

But hey, do not get confused. Another important property of arguably one of the most loved fruits around the world is that due to them containing a brain-chemical called Serotonin, having a kiwi, is, after all, a nice and simple solution to sleep well. So why not give it a try. Isn’t it?

5. Warm Milk

foods that help you sleep

An essential, healing balm of sorts that can put one to a good, restful sleep, having some warm milk can ensure just that. Wondering how? This type of foods helps you sleep well for containing tryptophan, which promotes sleep!

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