Consuming These 5 Foods Before Exercise Will Help You To Lose Weight Faster

We have officially arrived in summers and the quest for achieving the perfect summer body is too hard for everyone. People are trying all sorts of things to get their summer-ready body and that involves every type of exercise. From swimming to even a quick session of cardio in the gym, everyone is doing their perfect and favourite kind of exercise.

However, there’s this one thing that everyone feels short of while exercising and that is the lack of energy. In the quest of losing weight, people often stop eating a lot which has a direct affect on your body’s way of working. No matter how much you exercise, you need to have a good diet and that good diet should be able to give you the apt amount of energy for working hard on your body. You need to feed yourself with the right kind of food for the right kind of energy for your body, as it would help you only in having a full-blown exercise session.

We decided to list down 5 food items that you can consume, some 45-60 minutes before you go for your run or cardio session. These snacks are known to be great energy provider and also don’t have a lot of calories in them. They can help you in getting the right kind of energy that your body wants. However, we would like to mention that as different bodies work in a different way, all of these items might not work for you, so go ahead and check if these do work for you.

1. Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover then get excited as it’s good for you to consume one just before hitting off for your daily dose of exercise. However, this is not your favourite kind of coffee with sweeteners and all. Ditch your traditional coffee for an espresso shot or a small cup of coffee with almond milk instead.


2. Low Fibre Cereal

When we talk about cereal, we want you to intake a very small amount of cereal which is especially low in Fibre because high fibre cereal is very difficult to digest and no one wants that kind of trouble in the middle of their exercise schedule.

Source: TheStorypedia

3. Dates

Dates are naturally sugary and it helps a lot with your muscle function due to its potassium levels, which is the reason why consuming them is really good for your body. Try eating some 7-8 dates, almost 30-60 minutes before your exercise.


4. Banana and Nut Butter

Banana and nut butter are considered to be a heavenly combination and a must before any running schedule. With being high in potassium, it helps your body in maintaining the same glucose level, which many sports drinks promise to do, but why to go for something artificial when you can achieve the same results in the most natural way possible. The almond/peanut butter will add protein too, to get some gains in (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Source: Sarah Kay Hoffman

5. Toasts with Honey and Nut Butter

Try this awesome combination of honey and nut butter together on a low fibre bread toast and you’ll never even try to go for something else, to get your desired amount of energy level. It offers slow-burning fats and quick carbs – that your body actually needs.

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Try to substitute your no food method with food items and combination and you’ll immediately see the results while exercising.

25th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla