Spectre: Watch The Steamy Scene Deleted From ‘Sanskari’ James Bond Film

Indian censor board always gets in the way to make their presence felt even when it’s Hollywood. Spectre the latest James Bond movie has faced several issues as well. The censor board has some issues and after editing several steamy and hot scenes they have passed the film to release in India.

Of course! It was “appropriate” for the audience after the editing, but the charm of Bond was missing. After all it’s a bond girl who makes James Bond a womanizer. Without those scenes, James Bond is just an action hero. But don’t get disheartened we have one of those deleted scenes for you.

Yeah! we know right now you are giving us your best. Well, before that watch this scene from Spectre and we are sure that it will raise the temperature high. Wink!

Check Out This Steamy Scene From Spectre:

(Video Source: Viral World )

Yeah! Yeah! We know that is nothing new but come on it’s how can Indian censor board let us forget our “Sanskaar”. So after watching ‘Sanskari’ James Bond, enjoy the treat of his naughty version from our side.

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25 Nov 2015
Avni S. Singh

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