The smell of cigarettes is difficult to remove from the car and the nicotine stench lingers for a long time, especially in smokers’ cars. In addition to the unsightly yellow discoloration on the inner ceiling, the toxic muff is stuck in the seat cushions. We’ll tell you how to remove cigarette smell from the car.

Remove Cigarette Smell From the Car

Persistent Cigarette Odor 

The disadvantages that the smell of cigarettes brings with it in the car are obvious. The smell persists in the upholstery and ceiling coverings and is therefore still noticeable after years. Above all, if you want to sell your car, you have to take into account considerable reductions in value or pay the cost of thorough cleaning because no non-smoker would like to drive a car with an annoying cigarette smell?

Neutralize the Smell of Cigarettes With Coffee – How to Remove Cigarette Smell From the Car

If you want to remove cigarette smell from your car, there are several options. In addition to a thorough cleaning, especially the ashtray and the seat cushions, there are various home remedies. Setting up a bowl with flour, rice or freshly ground coffee should help cover the smell. All three foods bind moisture and odor in the room.

A little vinegar or a chopped apple should also make odors much less noticeable in the car. The apple is also able to bind the mustiness and provides a fresh scent. Simply cut the fruit in half and put it in the vehicle for 24 hours with the windows closed.

Car Air Freshner Coffee

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Do Not Use Home Remedies Without Extensive Cleaning

Experts believe that cigarette smells in the interior of cars can only be whitewashed by such measures, but not permanently removed. A thorough cleaning of the vehicle is necessary in any case.

Caring for a car yourself is slightly difficult and has to be learned. Comprehensive cleaning of the interior with water and cleaning agents can easily take a whole day. In extreme cases, treating the car yourself by hand is not enough. Also, it may backfire and the car might smell of moisture if the cleaning is not done properly.

How Good is Ozone Treatment?

Professional car cleaners use ozone to remove the smell of cigarettes from the car. Ozone treatment can remove all odors and is completely harmless. For the Ozone treatment, the interior of the car has to be completely sealed first. Then, a special device called the Ozone generator is used to introduce ozone into the car.

The gas stays in the vehicle for up to 24 hours, binding the odors and permanently removing them. After a while, the ozone breaks down and turns into pure oxygen. Thorough cleaning of the inside is necessary before the ozone treatment.

Car Ozone Generator
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The costs for an ozone treatment price may vary but it is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of cigarette smell from the car. This investment can be worthwhile as the resale value of an odorless car is significantly higher than a car that smells of cigarettes.

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These were some of the useful and proven hacks on how to remove cigarette smell from the car. If you have any such great hack to share, please comment it below.

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