Not only is the car stink nasty, but it is also actually harmful to your health. It may also degrade the interior of the car. If your car air conditioner smells bad, you should definitely consider disinfecting the car to remove the bad smell. But what does that cost and how to disinfect car air conditioner? Let’s find out.

Cleaning Car AC to remove bad smell | How to disinfect Air Conditioner

If there is a smell in the car, a scented tree is not the solution. It does not remove the stink but just covers it up. The cause for the bad smell in the car can also have a negative impact on health and even rust the car in the long term. Often the strong smell comes from the air conditioning and the only solution is to disinfect the car air conditioner.

Disinfecting Air Conditioning – Cost

The effort and the procedure to disinfect the car air conditioner differ depending on the car and air conditioning unit. With it, the costs of getting the stench removed from the car air conditioner, vary at the workshops. With some cars, it might be as easy as spraying the cleaning agent into the AC and switching it on in the recirculation mode for a few minutes, while in other cases, the car air conditioner might need to be treated directly.

The costs start at somewhere around $20. As a rule, disinfection is also part of the complete maintenance of the air conditioner or AC servicing, which is available from $60. Under certain circumstances, however, the service can cost up to $400.

Instructions to Disinfect the Air Conditioner – How to Disinfect Air Conditioner

You can do the work yourself with a cleaning spray or a special foam from the accessory trade, provided the AC radiator does not have to be exposed. You can ask your specialist dealer or the mechanic whether spray or foam is suitable for your car.

You use the spray as follows:

  • Close the windows
  • Set the circulating air fan to the highest level and temperature
  • Start the engine
  • Spray in the air conditioning intake area which is located in the front of the footwell. You need to empty the spray can, which should take about 15 minutes. Then get out of the car and close the door. Then ventilate the interior well. Meanwhile, nobody is allowed to sit in the car during use.

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Disinfecting Car AC

The foam is a little more complex. You need to spray it through a hose directly into the air conditioning radiator, located in the engine compartment. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then start the engine and turn the air conditioner on for a few minutes. This is done to ensure that the foam is distributed to where it needs to work. The foam is more effective and the spray less expensive. But neither of them can replace the air conditioning service.

This is Why it Smells in the AC Unit – Why My Air Conditioner Smells Bad?

Among other things, the radiator is built into the air conditioning system. Its job is to extract the heat from the air around it. Fungi and bacteria also remain on the vaporizer and are extracted from the air.

But there is also moisture in this air. It turns into condensate on the radiator just like the water droplets on a cold bottle. This condensate is supposed to wash away the microorganisms from the radiator. But if that doesn’t work, the microorganisms multiply due to the moisture and warmth. This also happens if the air conditioning is not used for a long time.

If you turn on the air conditioning, it blows these vapours directly into the interior of the air conditioner and later inside the car. As a result, it starts to stink inside the car. Some drivers believe that this smell will go away over time. However, it will increase if you don’t disinfect the air conditioning.

Experts advise having the air conditioning system disinfected once a year. But if you notice unpleasant smells anytime during the year, of course, don’t wait for long. Air Conditioner cleaning not only removes the stench but also protects against diseases and allergies. Along with that, it can protect against the damage to the car.

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A viscous decaying layer can form because of the germs in the air conditioning system. In the worst-case scenario, it prevents condensation from draining out of the system. This is how moisture gets into the car and causes rust. Besides, it may be necessary to replace the radiator if the layer has become encrusted.

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