There are many products in the car accessories market that help you to be better equipped and prepared to be on the road, no matter how old your vehicle is. We bring you the best car accessories that make your car a smart car and also improve your driving experience.

Car Chargers

Car Chargers

Smartphone, tablet or laptop are almost always carried in the car. To listen to music or navigate, they constantly need power. If the battery is running low, you would need a charger with a USB port. Such car chargers that are also used for cigarette lighters and are available online. Usually, the car chargers are available with two USB ports so there is no dispute like who will charge first. It is one of the most basic and best car accessories you must have.


Bluetooth Adapter

Car accessories you must have
My car need this

Bluetooth adapter is a useful car accessory if you want to hear your favorite playlist on the phone through the car speakers. The plug adapter works simply and without cables. Just plug the adapter into the car’s existing aux socket and pair your phone via Bluetooth. Some Bluetooth adapters also divert calls to the speakers, so you don’t have to hold the phone while speaking.


Navigation Device

Navigation devices in car

For motorists who do not use a smartphone or whose display is simply too small, to use navigation, mobile navigation devices are the cheapest way to be guided to the destination via GPS. In contrast to the Navigation app on the phone, the data volume remains unaffected when using a Navi device. In addition, there are no additional costs for roaming when traveling abroad. They are also available online around Rs.10000. The navigation devices are the best car accessories if you are a frequent traveller and a must have for aged people.


Dash Cams

Dash cams in car

The recording of the car camera should serve as evidence in accidents. But beware, the use is very controversial for privacy reasons. You can record wild rides over the mountains or beautiful coasts without any problems. The device captures video and records your GPS location as well. Good Dashcams can be found on Amazon for less than Rs.10000. Dash Cams are the best car accessories for everyone and anyone who wants to safeguard themselves from false accident claims and insurance fraudsters.


GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker for car

Around 2.1 lakh vehicles are stolen annually in India, that’s more than 550 cars every day. Most car owners therefore rely on small GPS transmitters in the car. The small trackers can not prevent the theft, but help find the stolen car. Good GPS trackers can be found on the internet for about Rs.3000.


Head-up Displays

Head up displays for car

More and more car manufacturers are now offering an alternate display as an accessory called a head-up display(HUD). This system projects important driving data as well as navigation instructions onto the windscreen and thus into the direct field of vision of the driver. This is one of the best car accessories if you want to make your car look more futuristic. This makes driving more comfortable and safer, because the view remains forward, no longer moves to the dashboard. The HUDs are available on online for as low as Rs.3000. 


Mobile Phone Holders

Mobile Phone Holders for car

The connection to phone and car is permanent till one of them ceases to exist. Motorists who look for the way while driving with the smartphone navigation in hand, endanger themselves and others as well. A simple but effective help are mobile phone holders. Because as long as the smartphone is in the holder, the drivers focus will remain on the road.


Rear View Cameras

Rear View cameras for car

Everyone has seen the advertisement wherein a kid is helping a grumpy man to park his car and when the car boot hits a tree, the boy joyously says ‘Ab Lag gaya’. The Rear View Cameras are the best way to avoid such a situation. Because no one has eyes at the back, not even your car. Reverse driving is easier with electronic parking aids and Rear view cameras can now be used in vehicles to avoid silly expenses.


Car accessories make the old car feel alive again and of course they are helpful. Which other useful car accessories do you have in your car? Let us know in the comments.

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