When driving in winters or on a rainy day, you may come up with an issue of the car windows turning hazy. You first try everything with the air conditioner and then lastly open the window a little to get some relief. But should you turn up the ventilation or not? Turn the heating on or off? What helps against fogged windows and how to clean fogged windows? Let’s learn the life-saving trick.

Cleaning Fogged Up Car Windows | How to clean fogged windows

Fogged windows belong to cars in winter like ice and snow. The annoying phenomenon sometimes also occurs in summer and not just on the windshield. Let’s learn how to defog the windows as it might prove to be a life-saving trick and will certainly make you less annoyed while driving.

How to Clean Fogged Windows – There are Only Three Easy Steps Between You and a Clear Pane

  • Set the fan to the highest heat setting and direct it completely towards the front window. The center console air vents should be closed.
  • To get the moisture out of the interior, switch on the air conditioning. Alternatively, open a windowpane. This also causes moisture to escape outside the car.
  • If you can’t wait until the ventilation has cleared the window, you can use a microfiber cloth or a window sponge to clean the window pane and wipe it dry. To ensure that you can still see, turn on the fan and let it run after wiping.

Leave the heating on as it prevents the windows from fogging up again. If, despite this, even a slight fog forms, set the car’s ventilation to full power again and focus the fan towards the window.

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Foggy Car Windows

Precautions for Foggy Windows

Cold air, snow, and moisture increase the humidity in the car in winter which makes the windows foggy. Therefore, pat your shoes or boots off before boarding or put on dry shoes that you can store in the trunk. Wet shoes can be stored in the luggage compartment.

Also, make sure that the floor mats do not get too damp. Old newspapers or cat litter can help dehumidify the interior.

In general, a windshield that is clean from the inside improves the driver’s view. If the car is in a garage, the windows can be left a little open. This allows air humidity to escape.

Fogged Window in Summer

It rarely happens, but the windshield can also fog up in summer, namely when it suddenly rains. This is due to the abrupt temperature difference. The same procedure applies in summers as well. Set the heating or air conditioning to the highest heat level and full fan output and direct the airflow against the windshield to quickly have a clear view again. You can then set the desired temperature again.

Cleaning Fogged Up Windows

Fogged Side and Rear Windows – How to Clean Fogged Windows

Often the side windows and the rear window mist up while driving. This restricts the view to the rear and cannot be remedied in the short term by heating or air conditioning. It may happen because the car is often poorly ventilated if the forced ventilation in the trunk is blocked. Among other things, ventilation is intended to prevent moisture from building up. It is usually hidden behind the side panel and can be accidentally blocked by luggage.

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Foggy windows cause a lot of accidents worldwide every year. Hence, a small piece of knowledge and a little precaution can really make a huge difference.

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