All of us have to wear a mask all the time when outside. Drivers should also always have a corona mask with them. It is crucial to carry the mask but wearing it in the car may restrict vision. But where should you put the mask in the car because putting it on the rearview mirror is a common mistake? Also, let’s learn how to disinfect the car during Corona?

How to store mask in car | How to disinfect car
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The protection for the mouth and nose should always be on board the car because even with a short refueling stop, it is as risky as in a crowded marketplace. But where to put the mask in the car so that it is always at hand?

Do Not Hang the Mask on the Inside Rearview Mirror

In any case, the corona protection mask has no place on the inside mirror of the car. Even relatively small mirror tags such as lanyards, scented trees, or the like are dangerous. This applies even more to the mouth-nose mask with its relatively large area. The mask does not only restrict the field of vision of the driver and those behind but it also distracts the driver while driving.

Mask Can Lead to Avoidable Accidents

Because of the constant dangling, as a driver, you get used to the fact that there is always something moving at the edge of your field of vision. As a consequence, you only notice movements outside the vehicle, like cyclists or pedestrians on the right-hand side of the road. This could lead to accidents that are usually easily avoidable. Whoever hangs the mask on the inside mirror endangers other road users.

Where to Put the Mask?

It is recommended to store your corona mask in the car in one of the storage compartments. Most cars offer plenty of storage space, and these protective masks only take up very little space. In any case, the rear-view mirror is not suitable as a coat hook.

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how to disinfect car for covid

How to Disinfect Your Car Properly

Hygiene and cleanliness are currently more important than ever. Many drivers do not think of their car as dirty but they should. Here is how you should clean or disinfect your car properly.

Bus and train must only be used for emergencies and most people currently feel more comfortable in their car. However, we may also carry traces of the coronavirus inside the car. It is more than enough of a reason to disinfect the car regularly.

Which Cleaners are Suitable? – How to Disinfect Car

The coronavirus is believed to survive for around 72 hours on the car plastic and leather parts. You can use special cockpit cleaners that are available in the market that contain at least 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. They eliminate viruses and germs but protect leather, plastic parts, and the fabric of the seat covers. 

But you need to be careful with aggressive cleaners. If you are applying bleach or disinfectant to an area, you need to observe how the material reacts to the cleaner.

You can also use the same soap that you use to wash your hands. You should also let the soap or sanitizer work for a while so that it can kill the virus. Then you should wipe off the product thoroughly because it can damage the material.

What to Clean Inside the Car? – How to Disinfect Car

Cleaning is only effective if you think of all the parts that are touched while driving like:

  • Steering wheel
  • Gear lever
  • Interior mirror
  • Door handles
  • Navi screen
  • Glove box
  • Dashboard
  • Key

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Don’t forget to clean the fuel filler cap now and then but as a precaution, put on a pair of gloves. It might be infected if someone infected has filled the fuel on the petrol pump. Otherwise, you could carry viruses and germs in the car that are abundant on the fuel nozzle.

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