Disappearances of planes and people along with abandoned ships that have been found crewless and seemingly untouched, all seem like a mystery novel or a sci-fi movie but they are all true in the case of the Bermuda triangle. All these mysterious incidents happened in the Bermuda Triangle that has its ominous reputation for good reason. But what causes the mysterious events and what is the secret of the Bermuda Triangle? Let’s find out.

Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle
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Countless people have mysteriously been lost in the Bermuda Triangle region. They disappeared from the deck of their boats, never to be seen again, even entire ships and planes apparently vanished into thin air. Which led to rumors about dark forces, sea monsters, aliens, or even vengeful inhabitants of the sunken island of Atlantis. Scientists were not satisfied with such explanations. They suspect that deadly natural phenomena are key to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Mysterious Incidents – Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

In June 2001, Tom Oshewsky, naval officer and experienced sailor, crossed the Bermuda Triangle on his way to Maryland. Every day he sends a radio message as a sign of life. Until June 8th. Later it turns out that the entries in the ship logbook also ended on this day, even in the middle of a sentence. For days the coast guard searched the Atlantic for the yacht without success. The sailboat does not reappear until weeks later, undamaged and several hundred kilometers off course.

But there is no trace of Captain Tom Oshewsky to this day. In another incident, amateur pilot Cary Trantham almost fell victim to the deadly forces of the Bermuda Triangle. On a night flight, the navigation instruments of her airplane went crazy for no apparent reason. Cary with her plane was lost for around 20 minutes in the Bermuda airspace with dead radio silence but she never lost her calm and ultimately made it out alive as a Bermuda triangle survivor. There are not many incidents of people surviving the Bermuda triangle and she even wrote a book about it.

Six Planes Disappear Without a Trace – Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

The pilots of Flight 19 were less fortunate as On December 5, 1945, five American military planes flew over the Bermuda Triangle. Despite the best weather conditions, the planes disappeared without a trace. The reconnaissance plane sent shortly thereafter also went missing. They are just three of hundreds of similar disappearances that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle region over the past few decades, and after years of uncertainty, scientists are finally providing some solid explanations for the mysterious events.

Bermuda Triangle
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When the Compass Goes Crazy – Secret of the Bermuda Triangle

Researchers suspect that electromagnetic radiation could be a reason for the mysterious processes in the Bermuda Triangle. Because although this can be found all over the world, it is exceptionally strong in two places, in the Japanese Devil’s Sea, and the Bermuda Triangle. The electromagnetic radiation is related to the earth’s magnetic field. This is caused by the fact that the rotation of the earth causes currents in its liquid interior, which generate electricity like a gigantic dynamo.

These magnetic fields are so strong that they can move objects from one place to another magically without physically forcing or damaging them. Even iron bars can break under the influence of magnetic fields. Scientists suspect that in the Bermuda Triangle the strong electromagnetic radiation causes navigation systems to get out of hand, which means that the compass needle can no longer be relied on. The result was that the pilots and captains lost their bearings, went off course, and broke down.

Can Released Methane Sink Ships?

But how can it be explained that people, planes, and ships simply disappear in the Bermuda Triangle without a trace? And not even parts of the wreckage are found. Marine biologists attribute this phenomenon to so-called methane gas pockets at the bottom of the ocean. At the bottom of the oceans, the gas is packed in countless ice spheres.

These ice balls can burst due to tectonic movements on the seafloor. As a result, a large number of gas bubbles rise to the surface. This causes an extreme reduction in water density, due to which the ships lose their buoyancy and sink to the seafloor. So they disappear without any remains ever being found.

Methane Gas Pockets Bermuda Triangle
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Swept Overboard

But not all puzzling events in the Bermuda Triangle can be explained with electromagnetic radiation or methane gas deposits on the ocean floor. After all, how can entire crews disappear while their ships remain intact? Marine researchers have an answer to this as well. In the Bermuda Triangle, violent gusts of wind create waves of gigantic proportions.

However, these do not necessarily tear ships down. Lighter boats can surf on the wave crests. They remain undamaged while the people on board are thrown into the sea by the force of the waves.

Are all the Puzzles Really Solved? – Secret of Bermuda Triangle

The secret of the mysterious incidents in the Bermuda Triangle seems to have been revealed. The electromagnetic radiation disrupts the navigation systems of ships and aircraft, which can lead to their sinking or crashing. Methane gas bubbles reduce the density of the water on the surface and pull ships down.

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Giant waves surprise sailors and wash them off the deck, but not everyone is satisfied with these explanations. These are strange and varied conditions that have to repeat every time a ship disappears and seem highly unlikely to happen with all the aircraft and ships. Thus, more experiments must be conducted to find the secret of the Bermuda triangle and save countless lives.

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