For a country, that by virtue of its “ice cool” nature warrants more Google searches on the Raindeer or among the likes of the Ringed Seal, Eurasian brown beer, or even the Wolverine- than any other animal- Finland, at this time, is making news for miniature pigs.

Yes, you read that right. So why is that? Just what led to this? Why are miniature pigs a popular choice for pets in Finland?

So the question is- why is that and what led to this? Finland, as we know, is the land of the Sauna, the cute and cuddly Santa Claus, the difficulty in accepting the fact that it’s still day when it seems it’s night at 3 PM or a 5 PM!

It’s also a country that made its name by giving the world something so alluring and relevant as the Nokia hand-held device. Yet, what must be said is that the famous country led by Sana Marin has a particularly unusual choice where it comes to the pet animal.

So why is it – as per news outlets and reports- that of all animals a pig is of real interest to the average Finn, where it comes to keeping a pet?

Here’s what appears to be the truth:

In the current firmament of the Finnish society, the “Miniature Pig,” it is believed, is the most sought after pet choice. And the real reason that could have led to this truth is the fact that the animal is really popular on social media. But why so?

Also known as the mini-pigs, the miniature pigs, are one among several kinds of pigs that the Finnish society has accepted with open arms. The others being- teacup pigs (really- that is what they are known as), pot-bellied pigs, both of whom, one notes, are bred in relatively small sizes.

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Image Source: Helsinki Times

Add to the above the very fact that, of late, the Finnish society has accepted this as a favorite ‘pet choice,’ for no particular reason that one may put a finger to (as such)!

That being said, surprising or random as this may sound, the following is what the popular news platform Helsinki Times had to say:

The growing demand for the animals can be attributed to their popularity on social media, with some miniature pigs amassing thousands of followers on platforms such as Instagram. 

The name can be deceptive, as miniature pigs can reach a weight of upto hundred kilograms once fully grown. According to the Finnish Minipig Association (Suomen Minipossuyhdistys), eager pet-owners often adopt the animals without adequate research or preparation. 

To sum it up, while the most common choice of pets in Finland might be the one breed we often think of in terms of a certain cuss word, it’s not that one’s life is all hunky-dory when it comes to keeping miniature pigs as pets in Finland.

So what is the real issue, one might ask?

Here’s what the famous Helsinki Times had to add further:

Miniature pigs require substantial care and often prove to be challenging pets. This has led to the animals being abandoned by owners on several occasions.

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All of that told, what might be your own choice where it comes to rearing pets in Finland, the beating heart of Nordic Europe?

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