At the moment, the number of COVID cases in Switzerland actually point to a worry. A real reason of worry, truth be told.

The fact of the matter is that while it’s true that different regions of Europe are grappling with what’s already been established as a ‘second new wave,’ of COVID cases, Switzerland is no different.

Did anyone imagine that?

You read that right. Switzerland, the famous mountainous country associated with countless delights- whether those concerning precision in watch making or the delectable taste of chocolates- is currently increasing its focus elsewhere.

Apparently, given that the COVID cases in Switzerland are rising and how, the Central European wonderland is increasing on the production of masks.

Now, while many might call it the need of the hour or just the way things have panned out in a crazy Pandemic-hit 2020, there’s fresh trouble brewing for everyone’s favourite country.

Due to a fresh spike in COVID cases in Switzerland, the most common headline across media in the country pertains to an increased focus on mask-making.

switzerland covid cases
Source: REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Did we at RapidLeaks say that? Well, on the country, here’s what national media in the touristic paradise has to say!

Here’s quoting famous web portal The Local.CH:

One of the Swiss manufacturers, Wernli AG, told SRF that the company is currently manufacturing half a million masks a day and will expand its production to 700,000 per day.

However, Wernli’s director Felix Schönle pointed out that domestic production is not sufficient to cover the demand, and 80 percent of the most commonly used disposable masks are imported from China.

But in Switzerland, the supply of face masks, is a facet that functions slightly differently.

So how is that?  Well, as a matter of fact, the Military, at the peak of the Pandemic, has been responsible for providing both local stores as well as pharmacies with face masks.

At the current moment, given that the new outbreak of COVID cases in Switzerland is said to be the highest anywhere in Europe (and remember this is a continent comprising 44 countries), the Swiss Military is sitting on large reserves already.

One of the key figures associated with the famous Swiss Military, founded back in 1848, Mr. Daniel Reist (Spokesperson Swiss Army) shared his insights on the current scenario given the fresh COVID cases in Switzerland:

our capacities cover 130 percent of the amount defined by public health authorities”

All of that said, the impetus of the country at the moment is to make as many masks as possible. And even as there isn’t a situation where the stocks might run dry in the imminent future, the consensus is that things must continue at the pace they are, where it comes to local mask manufacturing.

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It is also important, therefore, to note that in lines with the above, several major retailers in the country are continuing with the efforts.

The media platform shared- big retailers such as COOP, Aldi, Lidl, and Migros have enough stocks already.

To conclude, it helps to note a holistic figure about the country’s COVID situation. Thus far, there have been approximately 1,823 COVID-related deaths in the country that happens to be among the most loved tourist destinations in the world.

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