Nude Selfie is one of the most indulging stages of today’s love relationships. Anyways it is wrong but couples take a great pleasure in sharing their nude selfies to their loved one and for some reason it is exciting for them. Of course, boys do not get their chances easily so getting a selfie from their girlfriends is like a dream come true but this can go wrong in so many ways.

No, we are not here to crush your intimating thoughts but think about it what if you guys break up and the boy is not decent enough to delete it or maybe your friends can look up to the gallery and find the nude selfie of your girlfriend. Not only this imagine if someone just happen to forward it to the wrong person or it gets distributed in a wrong group. There are so many measures that can go wrong and this video from Delhi Talkies tells you one of the most dreadful reasons not to click a nude selfie.

Watch The Full Video By Delhi Talkies Here:

See that was a simple example but it can be your reality next time, so quit asking for nude selfies and get more real guys because that will have fewer chances of bringing your girl’s image into disrepute. Say no no to nude selfie for her and for yourself.

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23 feb. 2016
Avni S. Singh

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