Of all the things in the world that are seemingly random and weird to an extent, it may help to increase one’s general sense of awareness that there actually happens to be a cat temple in Japan. You read that right. So up first a question, an honest one!

Just how many of us were aware of the cat temple in Japan and did we hear about it often before running into this bit?

Maybe, on that note, the only thing that one can say is that in a world no stranger to weird things and weird experiences, it helps to know man’s devotedness – if that’s the right word here- toward the cuddly felines in that he ended up creating a cat temple of all places.

What an idea!

While on the one hand, it seems a rather cute and interesting that can only add to the versatility of one’s travel experience with things like the Cat temple in Japan, it’s also not hard to part with the fact that the very man who loves a creature to an extent of dedicating a temple to it, he also ends up eating dogs!

cat temple in Japan

Who can part with the very realisation that to this day, they eat dogs in China- abhorrent that it may sound?

Nonetheless, the most fascinating thing about the cat temple in Japan is that they actually got a cat to preside over proceedings as the priest. Wow, now this is really getting fascinating – isn’t it?

At the famous cat temple in Japan, actually better known as the Nyan Nyan Ji temple, there’s this cute cat that functions as a priest and is decked in pious clothing.

In fact, the cat not only has a name- Koyuki- but also has a dedicated social media handle on possibly all websites known to the clout. For instance, the instagram page has all latest images of Koyuki worshipping and posing in different dresses for countless selfies with the visitors.

Interestingly, that’s not all; the name Nyan Nyan Ji also has a significance, if in case you didn’t think of it. It literally translates to the “meow meow” temple.

In fact, the famous Indian news daily Hindustan Times recently ran a story on the feature and happened to share some interesting updates about a truly ‘one of a kind’ travel experience that you shouldn’t miss:

Koyuki’s owner, upon an interaction with the website Bored Panda, shared that well-known painter of “shrines and temples”, Toru Kaya, is the one who opened Nyan Nyan Ji. Besides Koyuki and other fluffy felines, the place is also filled with statues and drawings, and most of them feature cats. Koyuki, however, is the most popular cat of the place and these videos showcasing the feline’s adorableness may just explain why.

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Imagine running into this cat dressed in a proper semi-monk like attire and that too amid the serene temple setting; just how amazing would that experience be? You know one of the places to cover in ‘Nippon’ if you happen to visit it next, right?

Here’s a thought. Surely, if we can devote our entire lives after our pet cats then why can’t a bunch of loving Japanese treat a cat piously as to be making her into a priest of a temple?

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