The greatest quality about elephants, if one were to put it like that, could be the fact that as a species they are hardly bothered about any material greed in the world and that for the better part of their lives, they purely focus on self-contentment- nothing else. Rare it is to spot such joyous animals or living beings.

Their innate sense of cuteness stems from the fact that as cuddly and happy do they seem from the outside, they are equally at peace from within. A soulful, loving animal that unless and until encroached upon his own space or attacked needlessly may not even think about causing anyone any harm.

world's oldest living tusker
Source: News 18

On the occasion of the World Elephant Day, one can’t help but recollect all these qualities that one remembers about a wild animal in whose reference using the term beast hardly seems rational or even fair- won’t you think?

But there are all sorts of elephants on god’s lovely planet; those with a greater sense of agility, those with varying physical attributes, elephants with and without tusks and so on and so forth. But come to think about the world’s oldest living tusker.

Do you know about the world’s oldest living tusker and where that elephant is based? How about if you were asked in which part of our planet is the world’s oldest living tusker based?

The answer to this may surprise you a bit, truth be told.

Perhaps not many might have been aware of the fact that the world’s oldest living tusker is based in India. As a matter of fact, much of India’s elephant population roams about and is based in the state of Assam, nestled in the eastern part of the country.

And this may have a certain element of surprise in it that while much of India’s elephant population is centred around the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where it comes to the world’s oldest living tusker, then the giant is based in Assam.

The name of this peace-loving adorable creature is Bijuli Prasad which happens to be an 86-year-old captive elephant that lives sans with any complaint in that part of India that is most familiar with tea plantations and multiple tourist attractions.

But having said that, here’s the key point of difference. Earlier, the elephant known to be the oldest living tusker in the world was Kerala’s Dakshayani, which lived upto 88 years of age.

A news report published on the occasion of World Elephant day on the News 18 network happened to share some interesting bits on the massive creature and stated:

A professor and head at the Department of Surgery and Radiology of the College of Veterinary Science at Khanapara in Guwahati, Dr Sharma has worked extensively in Indonesia and India on pachyderms. Bijuli Prasad as his master, Oliver Sahib from England who christened him when he was bought by the Magor Tea Estates of Assam is hale and hearty, unlike many of its age who have not survived to see this day.

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A privileged member, Prasad enjoys royal hospitality at Bihali Tea Estate of Magor Group in Sonitpur district, Assam. The male tusker has a huge built and moves with the majestic élan in the lush green tea bushes of the estate. What a beautiful and picturesque part of the world to be having as one’s home- right?

So if you happen to be a nature lover and someone who’s attracted to that bit in India that’s about wild animals, then do make it a point to get a glimpse of this majestic old tusker, who, by virtue of his age, has created a record of sorts.

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