Karjat city is located in the Raigadh district of Maharashtra, a beautiful scenic destination at a distance of about 68 km from Mumbai, also known as, the monetary capital of India. In recent years, Karjat has become an escape route for Mumbaikars from their hectic and monotonous lifestyle. It is a perfect place if you are looking for a chill weekend with trekking or camping options to explore, but there are tons of different places to visit in Karjat that very few know about.

Places to visit in Karjat
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The city flaunts its rich vegetation, rocky hills waterfalls and if that’s not enough for you, there are several temples which are centuries old beholding the breathtaking history of our country. There are tons of other things that you can explore and experience when visiting Karjat and we’re counting down some of the best of the best here. Keep on reading for more information:

1. Kondana caves

This has to be on the top of this list of some of the best places to visit in Karjat.

Kondana caves are antiquated rock-cut Caves in Karjat. These are centuries’ old Buddhist caves and therefore, attract several tourists from all around the world who follow or are interested in Buddhism. To reach the Kondana caves you have to trek for about an hour from the main city of Kondana, this makes the whole experience even more exciting and adventurous. Being situated at the base of a waterfall, in the lap of lush green forest, it becomes a perfect destination to enjoy after a hectic week and find solace in.

The best time to plan and visit this place, to experience the beauty in full bloom, is in the monsoon season. These caves are holding several specimens of Buddhist architecture like vihara sculptures, chaitya, and stupas.

2. The Jain temples– Places To Visit In Karjat

An architectural marvel carved out of white marble, this beautiful passage is decorated with carvings of sacred figures which symbolize the beliefs and devotions of the Jain community. The staircase that will take you up to the temple is designed using multi-colored stone, making it a wonder to gauge while climbing the stairs.

Jain Temple Karjat
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This Jain temple is built in honor of Lord Neminath, the 22nd Jain Tirthankar, and also Lord Shantinath, the 16th Jain Tirthankar. Their beautifully decorated idols are placed in the temple and they look breathtaking.

3. Kothaligad Fort

The Kothaligad Fort is situated in the eastern part of Karjat and is a must-visit among all the places to visit in Karjat. The fort here is in a conical shape and has a temple and a cave at its foothill. The beautiful view from here, which covers the whole Konkan field, the Bhimashankar ghats, Padar Killa, Tungi, Wandre, and the whole Matheran range, is just mesmerizing and something which you can’t miss out on.

Kothaligad Fort | Places to visit in Karjat
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It is quite uncommon that you can get such an astonishing view after a simple climb, therefore making Kothaligad an extraordinary tourist spot. You can visit the fort both in the rainy and in the winter season, yet it is advisable to come after the rainy season when there is no visibility issue. Therefore, if you are a trekking freak, Kothaligad is one of the most popular treks in the Karjat region, due to its little stature and simple climbing.

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4. Ulhas Valley– Places To Visit In Karjat

The Ulhas Valley is situated pretty close to the Rajmachi and the Karjat-Khandala course. It is the perfect place to visit in Karjat if you are looking forward to relaxing in the lap of nature. It is blessed with full of shining streams and waterfalls that flow through the thick greenery of the valley.

Ulhas Valley Karjat
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There are many different passages in the Ulhas valley that cut into the mountains, helping the trains to go through the valley as well, which makes for an exciting site to behold.

5. Kondheswar Temple

Being is situated in Sanshi, the Kondeshwar temple is very famous for its astonishing architecture. It is one of the most visited places in Karjat where tourists from all over the country come to witness this sacred sanctuary. The Kondeshwar temple is an age-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is built in the old Hemadpanthi style. The main sanctum of the temple has various different shrines in it, as well.

Kondheswar Temple Karjat

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So these were some of the places to visit in Karjat that tourists and travelers come to enjoy in this beautiful and serene city. Apart from these places, Karjat is also known for its largest chain of farmhouses in the country and also has many health resorts in it.

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