In Google Drive, you can create forms that your customers, website visitors, or friends can fill out. These forms can include a set of questions that you need answers to. You will then receive the results clearly in a table and can, for example, make a graph or a diagram out of them. We show you How To Create a Google Form with different question types.

Create a Google Form

– First, open Google Drive, login, and then click on ‘NEW’ on the far left.

– Then select ‘More’ and click on ‘Google Forms’.

– Now you can edit the new form. 

Below, we will give you some tips and show you the first steps on How To Create a Google Form?.

How to Create a Google Form

Google Form for Personal Data

– In the first paragraph, you should enter the title of your form and you can greet the participant about the online form. Alternatively, you can start with the socio-demographic information such as name and age.

– To create a form field, click on the ‘PLUS’ symbol on the right side.

– Then you can select the format of the answers. Should a short answer or a long answer be entered? or Should a year be entered or a check or cross be made on a scale?. You can decide here.

– Depending on your preference, select the question type by clicking on dropdown on the side which is automatically selected as ‘Multiple Choice Question’. In the drop-down menu, the options available are ‘Multiple Choice’, ‘Checkboxes’, and ‘Dropdown’.

– If you click on the button next to ‘Required’, the participant must enter an answer before proceeding to the next section.

– You can also embed pictures and YouTube videos in the form using the small toolbox on the right of the form.

If you have any questions, images, and videos on the first topic, click on the ‘New Section’ in the toolbox. You can then continue to the next topic in the news section.

How to Create a Google Form - Part 1

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Add Scale While Creating the Google Form

– Scales in a form are particularly popular. It is used to rate a particular object to establish its worthiness.

– For ‘Multiple Choice Question’ select the ‘Linear Scale’. Then you can determine from where to where the values of the scale should extend.

– Optionally, the two poles of the scale can be named like 1 for ‘Bad’ and 10 for ‘Superb’. 

– This helps with filling in so that the survey participants do not get confused.

– If you have entered all questions, images, and videos here, you can click on ‘New Section’ in the toolbox.

How to Create Google Form Part -2

Complete and Publish Google Form

– Once you have all the questions, click the gear icon at the top.

– Then select ‘Presentation’ and enter a confirmation text here. It will be shown to the participant as soon as he has filled in and sent the form.

– Finally, click on ‘Send’ at the top right and now enter the recipient’s mail addresses.

– Alternatively, you can click the paper clip for the link and the two square brackets to embed on your website next to ‘Send via’.

You now know how to create a google form. You can use it for both professional and personal use.

Creating a Google Form Part 3

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