If we ask you, who do you think was human ancestor, you would probably answer, Monkeys. We have learned from the theory of evolution that humans came from monkeys. But it is not correct. You will be a little bit surprised by the answer. Let’s find out Why people question the theory of Evolution.

Theory of Evolution

Let’s begin by answering the question above. Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Humans and monkeys share a common ape ancestor. But we did not evolve from monkeys. It can be that monkeys can be considered our brothers but not our ancestors. Several other facts are misunderstood and thus become the reason for conflict.

The Theory of Evolution is Not a Theory 

The fact that scientists speak of evolution as a theory does not limit its truthfulness. The theory of evolution is a part of science that is as firmly cemented as the theory of gravity and nobody would argue that this is just a theory. 

The misunderstanding here is in the word theory. Theory informally means an unproven hypothesis and science understands it to be the highest form of explaining a phenomenon. A scientific theory can still be refuted theoretically, but that is highly unlikely. 

We Are Not Descended From The Monkey 

The chimpanzees and orangutans in the zoo are our closest relatives in nature, but not our ancestors, but more distant cousins. We share over 90 percent of genes with great apes, but that’s because we share a common starting point in the evolutionary chain. 

Fossil finds in Africa in recent years reinforce the long-held thesis that monkeys and humans, on the other hand, emerged from the same ancestor around seven million years ago. In the absence of a better name, it is simply called the Last Common Ancestor.

Evolution of Human

Evolution Does Not Improve Living Things 

The evolutionary chain seems to have been a constant path from simple unicellular organisms to complicated people but that’s a very superficial way of looking at it. Evolution keeps creating creatures that are not as perfectly adapted to their environment as they should be.

However, they usually die out quickly, so we don’t read much about them today. The evolutionary history is written by the victors. 

The Same Gene Can Have Two Effects

The disadvantages of evolution can even be shown in humans. The African people in South Africa, for example, have a gene that maintains the density of their bones even in old age. As a result, seniors break their bones less frequently and have a better chance of living longer. 

However, this only applies if a tribe member inherits the gene from only one parent. If he inherits it from mother and father, this leads to a bad bone disease called Sclerosteosis, which causes the bones to grow rapidly, which leads to brain damage and early death. Not an advantage from an evolutionary point of view. 

Evolution is Not Survival of The Fittest 

Evolution prefers not only those living beings in a population that are best adapted to their living conditions. They will survive, but everyone else also has chances. Therefore, the phrase ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ can be replaced with ‘Survival Of The Just Enough Adjusted’

It is because of how evolution works. Those living things that survive long enough to reproduce can pass on their genes. It is not only the herbivore that is faster than all its peers who escapes every predator but also the much slower one but just a little bit faster than the worst predator.

Religion is Not in Conflict With Evolution

The Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin himself is to blame for this myth. His basic book on evolution published in 1859 is titled ‘On the Origin of Species’ and thus suggests that evolution would compete directly with the Christian theory of creation. This is not true at all.

The theory of evolution makes no statements about how life originated on earth. It can only explain how existing life on earth has developed.

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So while the theory of evolution is unlikely that a god created man directly, there could well be a supernatural being who created life as a concept on earth. Pope Francis I himself said that evolution was in no way contrary to the Bible.

The evolution of nature is not inconsistent with the perception of creation, because evolution needs the creation of living beings that can develop.

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