Nokia 3310, a feature phone that marked HDM Global’s attempt of resurrecting the Nokia brand, is finally going 3G. Yes, you read it right. The company wants to bring back the number pads and Snake with mass production, and in days when 4G connectivity has become the most preferred cellular network, HDM Global has heard our cries by launching the Nokia 3310 3G.

For the unknown, the revamped Nokia 3310 was launched back in February 2017 and since it offered only 2G connectivity, the feature phone was just a piece of brick in most parts of the world because telecom operators in many countries moved out of 2G. HMD Global, rightly so, launched the Nokia 3310 3G after acknowledging its fans’ demands of a 3G version of this iconic feature phone.

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The redesigned Nokia 3310 3G is the Finnish company’s fresh take on Nokia’s highest-selling phone from 2000 which retains its design elements such as an alphanumeric keyboard, however, adds a color screen as well as a refreshed version of Nokia’s Snake game.

The Nokia 3310 3G will be available in two different colors, Azure and Charcoal hues, as well as a matte finish and new silver keypads. The feature phone also comes in Yellow and Warm Red colors, just like the standard Nokia 3310. With these fresh new colors, HMD Global also tweaked Nokia 3310 3G’s user interface to match the colour theme of the device and has introduced an all-new customisable Retro UI.

As far as the technical specifications are concerned, Nokia 3310 3G comes with similar specs as that of the standard version like the 2.4-inch (240 x 320) QVGA display, 64MB (instead of 16MB) of internal storage expandable up to 32GB via microSD, 2MP camera rear with LED flash, FM Radio, MP3 Player, 3.5 mm headphone jack, classic numeric keyboard and Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM.

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However, there is just one problem and that is the battery backup. Since Nokia 3310 3G comes with the same 1200mAh battery. Since the connectivity has been upgraded to 3G while battery backup remains the same, will deliver up to 6.5 hours of talk time (instead of 22 hours), up to 24 days (instead of 30 days) of maximum standby time and up to 35 hours of FM Radio playback.

image source: telecomtalk
image source: telecomtalk

Moreover, if you are wondering that HDM Global has just bumped up the appeal of Nokia 3310 then you should also know that the price tag Nokia 3310 3G is also higher than the standard version. While the previous version was priced at Rs 3310 in India, the 3G model has been launched at €69 (Rs. 5,400 approx) but we expect the feature phone to be priced near the Rs 4000-mark in India.

As far as the availability of Nokia 3310 3G is concerned, Australia will be the first country to witness its launch on 16th October followed by Singapore and India in by the end of the month.

Everything said and done, Nokia 3310 3G is expected to take the feature phone’s appeal a notch higher, however, with a price tag that can get you an entry-level smartphone, is it still worth the money?

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