Heart-shaped sweets, red roses, and cheesy greeting cards, most of us have such typical gifts in mind when we think of Valentine’s Day. The Day of Love is also celebrated in many societies and cultures. It is reason enough to take a look at how this special day came into existence, where its name comes from and what it has to do with the really great feeling. Let’s get to know why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

According to the legends, the name Valentine’s Day is a tribute to Bishop Valentin, who married Christian lovers in the third century AD. It is said that he was a passionate gardener and gave flowers to the newlyweds from his garden.

Bishop Valentin is also said to have married soldiers who, according to the emperor’s orders, were not allowed to marry. Because this was contrary to the military expansion plans of Emperor Claudius. Valentin was beheaded on February 14, 269 by imperial order. The gesture of giving flowers takes on a much broader meaning as it would not only be a symbol for personal freedom of choice when choosing a partner, but also a sign of peaceful protests.

The reason why do we still celebrate Valentine’s Day is also because the custom became established because the Catholic Church linked Valentine’s death with a celebratory occasion from ancient Rome. February 14th was dedicated to Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. It was said to be common to honor women that day and give them flowers.

Why do we celebrate valentine day

The name Valentin also contains the Latin term VALENS, which means healthy or strong. On the one hand, these are desirable characteristics of a spouse, on the other hand, they can just as well be the result of a successful partnership between two personalities who work well together.

The fact that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, although its origin cannot be clarified beyond legendary tales, can ultimately be interpreted quite differently as humans do not need any reason to celebrate love.

How lovers make the best out of Valentine’s Day

It was easy to answer why do we celebrate Valentine’s day because it is the obvious human nature to celebrate romantic love as a social event. Florists, supermarket chains, event providers and restaurant operators actually use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to increase sales.

Everyone tries to capitalize on Valentine’s Day but eventually, it is about fulfilling a personal dream and not about spending money. Though it is good for the economy.

Valentines day
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This almost automatically creates a certain pressure. But love is above all a personal matter. If you choose to send or deliver a token of love to your loved one on February 14th, you should prefer to address the individual characteristics and wishes of your counterpart.

Now, when you know why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should rather try to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express a feeling in your own way without asking for anything. You will be surprised at what ideas you come up with when you understand what you want to express and not what you can really pay for.

Gift ideas for the partner

A relationship requires work and care. Romance is often lost in everyday life and the partnership is less valued. Use the opportunity that Valentine’s Day offers to show your gratitude to your loved one. You can do this particularly well only if you take time out for both of you. Here are our 5 best tips on how to plan a relaxing evening for two.

Gift ideas for your Valentine

1. Surprise your partner with a home-cooked dinner. Prepare your loved one’s favorite meal, buy a good bottle of wine and create a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t need more for a romantic evening for two. And Don’t forget dessert.

2. If you don’t have time to prepare a meal, invite your partner for a romantic dinner in a restaurant. Reserve a table at your regular place but also consider whether your partner has recently spoken about a new restaurant, which you can now try out together.

3. Make your partner happy by doing the unpleasant tasks of the day like cleaning and cooking. Your partner will be visibly pleased with this little attention, so you both have time for something beautiful.

4. Get your loved one and drive together to the massage or sauna center, where you can end the evening in peace.

5. If you have to work long hours on Valentine’s Day, make up for this by planning a weekend with the above activities and remind your love about the very reason why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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