What are you doing? Are you scrolling through this piece while having one of your hand on your face? If that’s true, then please stop.

Most of the time we unconsciously touch our face and this could lead to a lot of problems. Who knows, maybe your pimples are the result of this very habit. We have habits like these that can hugely affect our body and skin, and most of the time we don’t even know about them. So, today we decided to get around this topic and lay down the issues that you could have to deal if you don’t stop touching your face.

1. Germs all the way

How would it feel to just swish your face into a pile of germs? Bad, gross and many such things, right? Well, every day you touch a whole lot of things that have some of the grossest germs on it and then with the hands you touch your face, how bad can that make your face feel? Just think about it. To save yourself from conditions like these, try to always be conscious about your habit and always keep a sanitizer handy.

2. Acne Blunder

If you have acne or even a single pimple, try to avoid bringing your hands any closer to these deviled spots. Through touching, you can spread the bacteria in it to aggravate and move on to the next suitable place. Touching can clog up your pores which will eventually result in their eruption. Basically touching these spots can take the entire issue to a whole another level.

3. Massive Eye Bags

Constantly touching the area around your eyes or rubbing them can result in the lost elasticity of the skin around this particular area. This will result in eye bags, and trust us, no one would deliberately want to have these eye bags, then why would you? It’s the thinnest area of skin on your face and the capillaries under this skin are more prone to breakage and leakage, which show up as purple bags.

4. Lost Makeup

If you wonder as to why your skin can’t sustain makeup on it for a longer time, even with all that high profile primers, then constantly touching your face might just be the reason behind it. Rubbing your eyes and touching it every now and then would transfer the makeup from your face to your hands, and this can make all the makeup vanish.

Now, as we have ended all the things that touching your face constantly can do to you, we would also like to put it out there that nothing is impossible. You can easily ditch this problem and while the starting might be a little tough, in no time will you be able to get your mind conscious about things like that. Remind yourself to wash your hands with soap and that too nicely. You can also keep a hand sanitizer near you and use it just when you can’t stop the urge of itching on your face.


22nd June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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