There are very different kinds of foodies, however, do you know, in this world of food loving people there’s a kind that faces a lot of criticism. These people are even hated by many and are even despised as a food companion, all because they’re a picky eater.

If you’re a picky eater then you’ll totally get what we’re saying. You’re never considered legit and your friends have officially given up on sharing food with you because they know that it will all be a mess with you in the end. There are so many struggles of being a picky eater that normal people would never be able to relate to.

Along with this, more often than not you end up making the other person angry about not eating their food, and the sad part is no one would feel bad about you because the world just doesn’t work like that. However, we feel you and because of this, we have decided to make a list of 10 struggles of being a picky eater. Only the real and true and picky eater would agree to it.

1. People are literally “shocked” when you tell them that you don’t like a certain type of foods, especially when it’s popular among the masses.

picky eater 1

2. Trying to agree with something to eat with your friends is your absolute worst nightmare.

picky eater 2

3. Nobody takes you seriously when you admit to being a foodie. Like, really deal with it, there are picky foodies living in this world.

picky eater 3

4. You have this one favourite that you order at every restaurant that you visit, and you judge the entire restaurant based on that single dish.

picky eater 4

5. By now, your friends and family have been accustomed to your yuck face.

picky eater 5

6. Going to someone’s house for dinner or lunch is always a gamble you hate going in for.

picky eater 6

7. People around you still can’t stop force feeding you food that you absolutely hate, and in that very moment, you just want to kill them.

picky eater 7

8. No one shares food with you, which is both a good and an extremely bad thing, considering the kind of person you’re eating with.

picky eater 8

9. People call you childish just because you don’t like certain kinds of food, now who would tell them that eating a certain food has nothing to do with one’s age?

picky eater 9

10. These trendy and quirky restaurants are your nemesis, thanks to their constant urge to screw things up by adding a ton of unwanted stuff in your favourite classic.

picky eater 10

Share this with all your non-picky eater friends and tell them about all the struggles of being a picky eater that you’ve faced over the years.

Jyotsna Amla

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