Everyone needs to be completely and extensively knowledgeable about their skin. It’s the single largest body part and also the most sensitive one. However, these days, due to excessive amounts of pollution, our skin cells are deteriorating at a significant rate and the sad reality is that very few actually know how to retrieve it since very few actually have information on how to know your skin type.

How To Know Your Skin Type : Best Guide For Knowing Your Skin Type
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In order to successfully restore your skin to its glorious and healthy self, you first need to understand what your skin type is, what are its characteristics, and what kind of products are well-suited for it.

In this list, we’ll look into different skin types and methods with which one can find their skin type, and therefore you can improve it too.

Different Types of Skins:

1. Normal Skin Type

This type of skin is also called eudermic, which means that it is neither too dry nor too oily i.e. it is well balanced, just like its pH levels.

Normal Skin Type - How To Know Your Skin Type

How to know your skin type, if normal?
They have smooth textures, fine pores, no sensitivity and no blemishes. 

Taking care and maintaining Normal Skin:

i. Stay hydrated throughout the day
ii. Wear Sunscreen often
iii. Moisturize with a good skin moisturizer
iv. Wash face with cold water before sleeping and after waking up every day.

2. Oily Skin Type

This type of skin always feels wet as if it was oiled and the sebum extraction is higher than any other skin type.

Oily Skin

How to know your skin type, if oily?
You’ll notice that your skin keeps glowing throughout the day and makeup or powders don’t stay put on your skin. Big pores and greasy appearance also shows oily skin. 

Their causes could be genetic, hormonal, climatic or because of too much skin exfoliation and use of hard soaps.

Tips for oily skin type:
i. Regular moisturizing
ii. Stay hydrated throughout the day
iii. Wash your face twice a day

3. Dry Skin Type

This type of skin is an outcome of lack of moisture, which leads to its rough and flaky appearance.

Dry Skin Type - How To Know Your Skin Type
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How to know your skin type, if dry?
You’ll notice an uneven texture, itching and roughness. The skin might feel tight and flaky.

Apart from having genetic and climatic causes, your age could also be a cause. Dehydration is a common cause and dry skin is even observed because of regular long showers that rip off the necessary skin oils.

Tips for dry skin type:
i. Drinking lots and lots of water every day would be a great solution for this skin type.
ii. Use skin moisturizers and sunscreens often.
iii. Don’t spend much time showering.

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4. Combination Skin Type

This is basically a mixture of dry and oily skin types that occur together alternately.

Combination Skin Type

How to know your skin type, if combination?
Having dry and sensitive cheeks and oily T-zones would be an indication.

The causes could be chemical products that you are using on your skin. It even occurs genetically or due to weather and climatic conditions.

Tips for combination skin type:
i. Use skin cleansers.
ii. Exfoliate your skin once in a while and gently.
iii. Wear an oil-free sunscreen.

5. Sensitive Skin Type

This skin is just the way it sounds, which could be problematic to many people who have this type.

Sensitive Skin

How to know your skin type, if sensitive?
Your skin feels itchy, tight and flushes after eating spicy food. It becomes dry in summers and oily in winters. This skin has uneven textures in some parts and reacts to skincare products.

It might be caused because of allergies, genetics, or environmental factors. But allergies might not necessarily mean a sensitive skin type.

Tips for sensitive skin type:
i. Get a patch test conducted before applying skin products.
ii. Skincare routines should be done in orderly i.e. neither too less nor too often.
iii. Use better products with fewer chemicals used.

So, these were the main skin types, now let’s know the methods for finding your particular one:

1. The Bare-Faced Method

Cleanse your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and leave it for about 30 minutes without applying anything else. Examine your cheeks, nose, or chin for any shine. After another 30 minutes, if your skin feels tight on expressions, then it is dry. If your nose and forehead feel a little shiny, then it is a normal skin type. And if the shine exists on even the cheeks then it is oily skin type.

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2. The Blotting Sheet Method

A blotting sheet test can quickly determine if your skin is dry or oily. Gently pat a blotting paper on several parts of your face, leave it for some time and then check for oil on the paper. If there is little or no oil, then your skin is dry and if oil exists in a good amount, then of course it’s oily.

Hope this guide on how to know your skin type was helpful for you in identifying your skin. There are tons of different methods for improving your skin’s health and the biggest contributor to it is a healthy and balanced diet. 

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